Old School Block Party Games to Build Brains

Community + Play Builds Brains

Get outside with the neighbors and get your community together! Meet at the park, host a block party,  or throw these old school games into your existing plans to build executive functioning through play.


Encourage good sportsmanship, flexibility,  and open mindedness with the activities while letting the kids take the lead. Let them make up new rules, be  leaders. Welcome their imagination and creativity. Even better, let the older kids teach the younger ones; having lots of different ages within a group provides a rich learning experience for all. You would be AMAZED how quickly really little kiddos can pick up on these types of games! Throw in some outside arts and crafts and don’t forget to have fun yourself.


Many cities like Seattle allow you to apply for “block party/play streets” :


Get your community together and offer your kids the priceless opportunity of learning through play.

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