Feel like you've

lost control?

You're not alone. 
Empower yourself with expert solutions to every parenting challenge. 
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Positive Discipline based, research backed, parent tested

Self-paced online series for parents who want to grow remarkable kids. 

Get a guideline and a compass to level up your parenting plan.

The result? Capable, confident and remarkable kids (and parents).

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under 5 mins

Videos show examples of real parents and children practicing the tools. See it in action!

Online access

Access the online series at anytime from your computer or mobile phone. Free mobile app available for iOS.

Unlimited Q&A

Get all your questions answered by the Sproutable expert team.


Downloadable scripts, action plans and resources to dig deeper when you want to. 

"We are good parents, but with Positive Discipline and the tools you've given us, I feel like we can be great parents, who can raise good humans who do good things." 

- Julie B.

What do I get?

For parents & caregivers of

children 6 years and under. 


Topics included:

Setting your compass: Who do you want your child to be at 25? 


Connected and mutually respectful parenting 


Making routines fun


Our videos show you what parenting tools look like with real parents and kids.

(no actors, no PowerPoint, no judgment) 

Sproutable's online series is an officially licensed Positive Discipline product.

Learn how to

invite cooperation,

build stronger relationships

and find the joy

in everyday moments.