You are the strong backbone. 

(aka Positive Discipline)

You know how to connect, teach, have patience and be flexible, while following through when it comes to agreements, rules and routine. Even when you make a mistake (because no one is perfect), you are able to repair the relationship and teach important life skills through your own modeling. 


You are Connected & Firm at the same time.

Parenting is a practice. Here are some tools to keep that balance of KIND and FIRM at the same time…

Kindness/Connection = I see you. I love you. You are learning. I am your teacher.

Firmness = What needs to happen for everyone to share space and coexist respectfully.

Let kids do things on their own and show how capable they are! Self-esteem comes from having skills. They can’t have skills without practice.

Allow disappointment. When children have practice and experience with big emotions and not getting what they want all the time, they learn life skills and strengthen their executive function.

Follow through. Once a routine or rule has been established, follow through with connection and firmness! 

Understand brain development in order to reframe "misbehavior" as a lack of skills. Understand their perspective from a developmental standpoint and have more empathy and patience to teach them new skills and invite cooperation. 

Find the fun. You can be connected, fun, light, AND also hold firm to routines and expectations. In fact, when you engage in imagination, role-play, and games, you are actually strengthening their executive functioning and creativity (overall prefrontal cortex), which gives them stronger neurons needed for emotional regulation and focus.

Keep honing your skills and helping your family strengthen relationships. Parenting is a practice!  Learn more about being Kind and Firm at one of our classes or schedule private coaching here.

We are here for you!

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