Online Classes

Join our school to learn from the comfort of your own home or on-the-go with your mobile device. Each online series teaches through video, showing you what the parenting tools look like with REAL kids and parents. This is what makes us different (no talking head, no powerpoint, no judgement). All videos are less than 5 minutes long and stand alone, because we know how busy you are as a parent. We've got a whole kit and caboodle to go with it too, included for when you are ready to go deeper or looking for extra practice. Get your parenting mojo back with the click of a button.

In-person Classes

Our very own Julietta Skoog , in house early childhood expert, teaches parenting classes. Come learn with us and find out why parents rave: 


"Julietta brings passion, honesty, and humor to the way she teaches parenting. She is clearly very skilled in her profession and teaching however she still can relate to needing help and practicing these tools daily."

"Thank you! I really think you are a special and inspiring teacher. I highly recommend this class- YOUR class to everyone I know."

"Julietta's energy, enthusiasm and passion are contagious."


Looking to book a keynote or parent ed night? We'd love to help! Spice up your school's parent education program, co-op or PTSA meeting, or kick off your conference with inspiration and motivation. We can accommodate any length and any size, from intimate to auditorium.  

Preschool Teacher Trainings

We offer 2 and 3 hour preschool teacher trainings, along with observation/consulting. Longer trainings available upon request. Yep, we got your Stars credit covered too. Teachers will gain immediately applicable tools, along with a stronger foundation in child development, theory and brain science. We will even throw in the special sauce, our 15 years of school experience, because who wants to listen to someone who doesn't understand the reality and relentlessness of the classroom?

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Weekly parenting tips that inspire (and actually work)  
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