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Teaching Parenting
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Teaching Parenting The Positive Discipline Way is a five day workshop designed to support participants in learning all they need to teach the Parenting the Positive Discipline Way curriculum. Developed by Lynn Lott and Jane Nelsen, this program provides a step-by-step approach to starting and leading experientially based parenting groups and classes. This curriculum can stand alone or can offer significant enhancement to other parenting programs; it emphasizes experiential activities that reach the heart to inspire deeper understanding and change.

Summer 2024

Date: July 10th and 11th
Time: 9am – 5pm EST
Location: IN-PERSON 3405 Lenox Road, NE Atlanta, Georgia
Cost: $449 early bird (ends June 10th) / $499

The Art of Facilitating Positive Discipline

In this experiential workshop you will go deeper into facilitation skills, grow as a person, and have fun! This workshop (with many new activities) is meant for you to see where and how you can model Positive Discipline even more and raise your awareness on your facilitation skills.
IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to attend the Art of Facilitating a Workshop, you must have completed one of the Positive Discipline Association Certification workshops.

Summer 2024Zoom

Date: May 30, 31 & June 3, 4, 5
Time: 9:30 – 12pm PT
Location: Zoom
Cost $375 ($325 early bird rate ends April 30th)

Join the Sproutable community of parent educators. We believe in a world where every human knows that they matter. We believe all children and adults deserve dignity, respect and compassion.

What you can expect

– Meaningful discussion –

We learn through experience, and we learn through discussion.  At Sproutable, we make sure to have spaces for educators to come together and connect around the curriculum we offer. This happens with whole group and small groups discussions during the trainings AND outside of the class in our community space. It is one thing to learn the content, it is something different to practice facilitating it. Having a community to lean on is a powerful tool for growth.


– Personal growth –

Positive Discipline is not only a parenting program that educators are trained to deliver, it is also an opportunity for growth and development for those that step into the leadership role. As you come to understand behavior and learning in a new way, you will find places to expand your own thinking about yourself, others and the world.


– Support –

Here at Sproutable, we believe in delivering a personal, high touch experience with a facilitator who is invested in your development. Our offers are meant to continue to broaden your skills, and deepen your understanding of the philosophy of Positive Discipline. Our trainers are available to support you in getting started with this work and are invested in your success.

Positive Discipline

Dr. Jane Nelsen’s Positive Discipline parent education is based on the theories of psychologists Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs. Positive Discipline helps your child feel a sense of significance and belonging through learning important life skills of empowerment, self-reliance and cooperation. This parenting style encourages kindness and firmness at the same time.

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Kindness is the way we interact and connect with our children, honoring their dignity and respecting their needs.

Firmness is the way we respect ourselves and the needs of the situation, as well as following through with what we say we are going to do.

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