Positive Discipline Seattle Parenting Classes

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Positive Discipline Workshops 

Join parents like you in a 3 hour “power” workshop with Julietta Skoog.  


All siblings fight. Learn how to embrace their conflict using specific techniques that teach long-term social-emotional skills and tackle sibling drama. Regardless of their age, children have the opportunity to learn tools that decrease conflict and increase confidence and assertiveness. These skills support peer interactions and social skills outside the home.

Summer 2022

coming soon!

Date: TBD

Time:  TBD

Cost:  $100 /per person

Date: Saturday, March 19, 2022

Time:  10 am - 1 pm PT


Does your child struggle with: work avoidance, big emotions, sensitivity, social anxiety, screen addiction withdrawal, specific phobias, perfectionism, falling asleep, independence, separation or COVID related anxiety? You are not alone! Learn signs, myths, and helpful strategies for overcoming anxiety in home and at scho