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Julietta Skoog NCSP, MA is a master storyteller and speaker for both large and small crowds. She offers topic-based talks and parent education sessions. Training topics include: Positive Discipline, sibling relationships and conflict resolution, child development, executive functioning, emotional regulation and more. 


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Cracked Surface

Parenting Strategies for Remote Learning

This parent ed evening is led by Julietta Skoog, Sproutable's Positive Discipline expert, and co-founder. She will cover important topics to get you on a path to success with online learning at home. 


Topics include:

  • Tips for increasing independence

  • Executive functioning strategies

  • Routines

  • Contributions

  • Emotional regulation

  • When you hit roadblocks - coming up with solutions!

  • Family meetings

Virtual via Zoom
Weekly parenting tips that inspire
(and are backed by science)  
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