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Parenting is a collective experience. What is showing up at your house is more than likely happening at your neighbor’s house as well (trust us on this one). We want to help! Tell us. If you had a parent coach, what questions would you ask? What challenges are you having? Where do you need support?


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Meet us

Julietta Skoog, Ed.S., MA
Early years coach

Julietta is a Certified Positive Discipline Advanced Trainer with an Ed.S Degree in School Psychology and a Masters Degree in School Counseling from Seattle University with over 20 years of experience helping families in schools and homes. Her expertise includes early child development, autism, learning disabilities, anxiety, and behavior disorders, as well as leading friendship groups and classroom lessons based on Positive Discipline, Social Thinking and Mindfulness.

Casey O’Roarty, M.Ed
Adolescent coach

Casey is a facilitator of personal growth and development and has been working with families for over 15 years. Casey is a Positive Discipline Lead Trainer and Coach. She hosts the Joyful Courage podcast, parenting summits, live and online classes, and individual coaching. Her book, Joyful Courage: Calming the Drama and Taking Control of YOUR Parenting Journey was published in May 2019. Casey lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, and two teenagers.