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Social & emotional skills

At Sproutable we believe that social and emotional skills are the most important 21st-century skills to ensure students thrive in school & life.

What does it look like to teach... 

Emotional regulation



Problem solving

Critical thinking 

Healthy relationships with peers

What does it look like to grow remarkable humans?


Positive Time Out Space

Positive Discipline responses are solution-focused.

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Self-paced online course (mobile & desktop)
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Examples and tools specific to classrooms 
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5 hours of STARS training
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Experience what a Positive Discipline classroom looks like with real classrooms.

(no actors, no PowerPoint, no judgment).

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Learn at your own pace. Available on your computer or mobile phone. Access for six months.

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Introduction to Positive Discipline Principles
WA State STARS approved course for child care providers
$75 USD 
Self-paced, 6 months to complete
STARS credit

This course is an introduction to Positive Discipline for child care providers, preschool teachers and anyone working in a classroom with young children. Based on the theories of psychologists Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs, this course is an introduction to Positive Discipline. This is the perfect foundational course for anyone looking to shift from “dealing” with challenging behaviors to building classroom communities where all children feel connection and belonging and have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

5 hours of certified STARS training

1. Introduction

Meet your instructor, Julietta Skoog. Learn what is Positive Discipline, Adlerian Psychology and how it aligns with teaching social & emotional skills. 

2. Reframing behavior challenges

How can we understand behavior more intentionally? Instead of trying to stop behavior, how can you change your perspective to drive your response? 

3. Teaching social & life skills

What social and life skills are on your list to teach young children? How can challenges be opportunities to teach social and life skills? What do they need from us to learn?

4. Discipline means to teach

The latin root of discipline means to teach. How can we show up as teachers to teach skills that are missing? What does research say about discipline and our own implicit bias?

5. Five principles of Positive Discipline

Also known as the five criteria of effective discipline, we will dive into the principles and how they apply to real classroom challenges.  

6. Five Sproutable tools

Watch real examples of our top classroom tools to invite cooperation: Asking v. telling, tone of voice, limited choices, curiosity questions, and humor. Based on Positive Discipline tools by Jane Nelsen.

7. Child development & research

Social & emotional development tip

Piaget’s theory of self schemas

Executive Function tip

Piaget's theory of cognitive development


8. Conclusion

Diversity Note

Sproutable is committed to reflecting diversity in our videos. Stay tuned for post pandemic footage that shows even more breadth of teachers, students and classrooms. Email us if you would like to have your school represented!

"It is no exaggeration to say that Positive Discipline has been a game-changer for me. Instead of me asking my families for guidance with discipline, my families now come to me seeking my advice & help because they see how well Positive Discipline works."

— Danielle T.


preschooler healthy eating
Happy preschooler
happy preschooler

Positive Discipline

We incorporate Dr. Jane Nelsen’s Positive Discipline based on the theories of psychologists Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs. Positive Discipline helps children feel a sense of significance and belonging through learning important life skills of empowerment, self-reliance and cooperation.
This discipline style encourages kindness and firmness at the same time.
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Sproutable's online Introduction to Positive Discipline series is an officially licensed Positive Discipline product.
Kindness is the way we interact and connect with our children, honoring their dignity and respecting their needs.
Firmness is the way we respect ourselves and the needs of the situation, as well as following through with what we say we are going to do.

Positive Discipline invites cooperation through mutually respectful responses.


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