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Looking for help with infant sleep training? Our coach is here for you.

You are not alone. This is a collective experience.
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Meet your coach


Hi! I am Jade, a certified pediatric sleep coach.

I provide guidance, education, advice, support and science backed sleep information and implementation services. 


My approach is gentle and holistic, with a Positive Discipline framework and tailored to the specific needs of each family. When working with me, I will help you uncover and understand your child’s natural sleep patterns, assess any sleep related issues, help you make adjustments and establish healthy sleep routines to improve your child’s sleep (and yours)! 

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What is infant sleep coaching?


The process begins with a thorough assessment of the whole sleep picture. This may include details about sleep schedules, routines, bedtime rituals, meal times, daily activities, children’s temperament, relevant life impacts, and any specific sleep-related challenges.


You know your family best. We will collaborate to discuss your family’s unique needs and goals. Together, we will tailor a plan to the specific situation, preferences and needs of your family. 

Customized Plan

Based on the assessment and the collaboration, I will create a customized sleep plan that outlines my recommendations and plan for improving sleep, including adjustments to routines, nap times, bedtime, wake times, feeding schedules, and other relevant factors. This will have additional resources and information that you can refer back on when new sleep challenges arise in the future

Guidance and Support

I provide guidance and support throughout the process. I offer advice, answer questions, and help troubleshoot any issues that arise during the implementation of the sleep plan.


Most of my sleep coaching packages offer daily email access. This allows you to ask questions, seek guidance, and receive ongoing support as we work through the plan.

Plans & pricing

Intro Package $200

Includes: Comprehensive intake and assessment, one 60 minute virtual consultation, educational resources as needed, and email recap summarizing our consultation.

This package is a great starting point in discovering your baby’s sleep patterns and ways to set up healthy sleep for your family.


Basic Package $400

Includes: Comprehensive intake and assessment, nap and bedtime routine assessment, one 60 minute virtual consultation, educational resources, and personalized sleep plan shared via email (PDF), two weeks of daily unlimited email support.

The Basic Package is best for babies and toddlers with minor sleep challenges and for families who are at a loss for how to improve their sleep. We will pinpoint the root of your tricky sleep situations and set you up to successfully adjust your sleep to meet the needs of your family.

Newborn Package $600

Includes: Two 60 minute virtual consultations, room assessment and ideal environment guide, newborn essentials and non essentials list, guide to safe sleeping, healthy sleep habits guide, goal setting and support, 4th trimester guide, educational resources as needed, the first 12 months resource guide (so you know what’s coming!), daily unlimited email support for the entire newborn stage (months 1-3).

Set your infant up for healthy sleep for the days, months, and years to come. I will help you learn the basics of sleep, set appropriate routines and incorporate safe and effective schedule adjustments for infants to gently set them up for healthy sleep. This is a great package for expecting parents and parents of newborns to feel empowered to navigate sleep before any sleep issues arise, and to avoid many sleep issues altogether, and to have support throughout the newborn stage. 


Premium Package $1000

Includes: One full year of support. Initial 60 minute virtual consultation, intake and assessment, nap and bedtime routine assessment, room assessment and ideal environment guide, educational resources and a personalized sleep plan shared via email, monthly 30 minute phone calls for one year, and daily unlimited email support.

A child’s sleep changes drastically during their first year of life. The premium package offers continued support for a full year, and is great for families with ongoing sleep challenges, multiple children with sleep challenges, or anyone seeking a little extra support. On top of addressing your main sleep concerns in our initial 60 minute virtual consultation, we can have monthly calls (as needed) to check in and address any new or continuing challenges, as well as daily unlimited email support. You can sleep soundly knowing that you can turn to me the minute sleep gets off track! 


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I believe that when we are well rested we are more able to connect to ourselves, our loved ones, and our values, and in turn, empower our children to flourish and thrive, day and night. With a background in Attachment and Positive Discipline, I believe in using science and evidence-based approaches to guide our practices and rituals in promoting healthy sleep, age-appropriate rest, and restoring deserved sleep, all while fostering emotional bonds and trust in relationships. I recognize that while sleep difficulties are common, each family, child and sleep situation is unique. This is why I create individually tailored sleep plans with your family specifically in mind. 


I believe we can all access the sleep we need, sometimes we just need a little help to get there. 


Cry it out

I specialize in attachment based methods and only advise the use of evidence-based and science-backed methods. Due to the lack of thorough research, I do not prescribe the use of the extinction method, also known as “Cry It Out”. While I completely understand the desperation in the need for sleep, I believe I can help with many alternative methods that are known for their ability to maintain healthy attachment while achieving better sleep and relationship outcomes. While I believe that some crying can be a normal and expected response to change and emotional expression, I will never advise my clients to leave children crying without support. 



Co sleeping

I acknowledge that co-sleeping is an ancient practice, and the concept of solitary sleep is relatively recent, predominantly stemming from Western cultural norms. While I’m unable to recommend co-sleeping due to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) guidelines against it, I wholeheartedly support families who opt for co-sleeping. I can provide guidance on safe sleeping practices, address sleep-related challenges, and offer assistance in ensuring a secure sleep environment. I am committed to empowering families with the necessary information on risks and safety, allowing them to make informed choices that align with their values and comfort levels regarding their sleep practices. I believe that all families deserve access to safe sleeping information, no matter their sleep practices. 


While many families choose co-sleeping, some turn to it when they feel unsure about other methods to help their baby sleep. It’s important to note that co-sleeping may not suit every family, and I can assist in making adjustments if it doesn’t work for your family.

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Jade Folk

Jade Folk is a certified Pediatric Sleep Coach, with a background in attachment theory, youth empowerment, Positive Discipline and early childhood education. Jade has 10+ years of experience working with kids as a nanny, preschool teacher, and now parent and sleep coach. Jade has a passion for empowering families to understand the science of sleep, learning their children’s natural sleep cycles and patterns, and finding solutions tailored specifically for the unique and individual needs for each family she works with. Positive Discipline is at the core of Jade’s work as a pediatric sleep coach. 


I integrate Positive Discipline, attachment and polyvagal theory into my sleep guidance and believe in the powerful connection between attachment, our nervous systems, and sleep. 

I  am passionate about working with spirited and sensitive children, and have specific tools and techniques with them in mind.

Additionally, I specialize in supporting families dealing with grief-related sleep challenges, and know first hand the impact loss has on sleep . I am here to help stabilize routines and help navigate sleep after loss.

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