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What do I get?


How to Grow Remarkable Kids

Premium Course

11 topics
preschool and toddler versions
videos of real families
private coaching calls
private Facebook group
Starting at $66 USD
Change your language
to change their behavior

Spotlight Course

4 topics
preschool and toddler versions
videos of real families
email coaching
Starting at $26 USD

We give you the framework of Positive Discipline parenting:

a guideline and a compass to direct your parenting plan. It reminds us to ask:


Am I connecting?

Am I inviting capability?

Am I teaching?

How am I modeling?

What do they need to learn?

It’s the bridge that gets you from the challenges now to the skills they need when they are 25 years old. What does it look like to raise remarkable humans?

We show you how to teach life skills,

invite cooperation, build strong relationships

and find the joy and humor in everyday moments.


The result? Capable, confident and remarkable kids (and parents).


under 5 mins

Experience what a Positive Discipline home looks like with real families

(no actors, no PowerPoint, no judgment).

Flexible & Accessible

Learn at your own pace. Available on your computer or mobile phone, so you don't have to get a babysitter.

Private Coaching

Unlimited Q&A

Get all your questions answered by the Sproutable expert team.


Printable scripts, tools, and action plans to dig deeper when you want. 

Seriously, I want this now. 

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"Sproutable's online parenting series is invaluable. It provides sound insights into behavior and developmental strengths and offers practical strategies for responding to children in situations that feel really difficult. Better yet, I believe the series reflects a life philosophy that can be applied to all relationships-- not only to our relationship with our kid(s). It's universal. The lessons I learned via the videos and related materials continue to guide me to become a clearer, more compassionate, more emotionally mature parent, partner, professional, and human being. Sproutable, you've helped me take the long view, build connection, and feel even more joy in my relationships. I highly recommend the online series for all parents."

- Vanashree J., parent

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Positive Discipline

We incorporate Dr. Jane Nelsen’s Positive Discipline parent education based on the theories of psychologists Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs. Positive Discipline helps your child feel a sense of significance and belonging through learning important life skills of empowerment, self-reliance and cooperation. This parenting style encourages kindness and firmness at the same time.
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Sproutable's online Introduction to Positive Discipline series is an officially licensed Positive Discipline product.
Kindness is the way we interact and connect with our children, honoring their dignity and respecting their needs.
Firmness is the way we respect ourselves and the needs of the situation, as well as following through with what we say we are going to do.

Which parenting class is for me?

How to Grow Remarkable Kids online parenting course
Starting at $66 USD 
Access for one year

This premium course is an Introduction to Positive Discipline. You receive 11 topics covering the foundation of Positive Discipline and how these practices are backed by the latest brain and child development science. At the end of this course, you will have a roadmap to support the rest of your parenting journey. 

1. Setting your compass: Who do you want your child to be at 25?

2. Calming big emotions

3. Cracking the code: What their behavior is really saying Part 1

4. Cracking the code: What their behavior is really saying Part 2

5. Teaching children how to think for themselves

6. Connected & mutually respectful parenting

7. Making routines fun

8. Teaching intrinsic motivation

9. Solutions for misbehavior

10. Empowering children with knowledge and practice

11. Family meetings

Change Your Language to Change Their Behavior online parenting course
Starting at $26 USD 
Access for one year

This spotlight course offers specific Positive Discipline tools that focus on the language we use with our children. You can change your child’s behavior and nurture a deeper connection by making a small shift in the language you use. This intentional language gives your child autonomy and invites cooperation, as opposed to imposing your will each time.

1. Setting your compass: Who do you want your child to be at 25?

2. Teaching children how to think for themselves

3. Teaching intrinsic motivation

4. Empowering children with knowledge and practice

NEW Positive Discipline for Nannies, online certification

Get on the same page as your caregiver. Find mutually respectful solutions to challenges together. Show them that you believe in their professional development. Even better? Take the course together. You can jump into our premium course, How to Grow Remarkable Kids, while they complete the Positive Discipline for Nannies. 

Download this free Employer Discussion Guide to go along with the nanny certification. 


“We believe in respectful relationships with children and with each other. Every interaction is an opportunity.”


- Julietta Skoog, Co-Founder

Science! (is awesome)


Brain Science    Language        Sensory         Social/Emotional

Gross Motor      Fine Motor      Adaptive       Executive Function  

We do the research. That's right. We only bring you information based on the latest research in early childhood development. This is NOT your Aunt Flo's opinions on child rearing from the 1940's.


Research-backed information 

curated for the modern parent.

Without understanding the science it is hard to change habits. It gives you the foundation to understand your child’s brain development. What can they do or understand at this age? What are age appropriate options? This is where we get super geeky - because we really love the science! 

The Whole Picture

We take a parenting challenge (e.g. tantrums). We break down why the behavior might be happening. Then, give you Positive Discipline tools and the science behind why it works, so you can put into practice right away.
Learning Opportunities
Teaching how to calm down
Positive Discipline Tools
Positive Time Out Space
Research-backed Tips
Validating feelings tells the amygdala part of the brain to send the message
"I am safe" and helps your child calm down faster. 
Words to use
"That hurt when you fell down."
Words NOT to Use
"You're fine. That doesn't hurt"

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How to Grow Remarkable Kids

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Change Your
Language to Change Their Behavior


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Change Your
Language to Change Their Behavior

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