Parent Coaching

Personalize your process through the power of private support! We are here just for you, and work with parents with children of all ages. Schedule your 15 minute free consultation today. We will go over your challenges, goals, answer questions about the process, and determine the best package for your needs. All coaching conducted via video chat unless you are in the Seattle area. Coaching sessions are with Julietta Skoog, NCSP, MA​. Email for more information.
Divorce or separation? We are here to help you implement your parenting plan and navigate the challenges of co-parenting.
Single hour sessions: $180 (Does not include audio recording or email summary). Weekly sessions available.
Each package contains a two hour initial session (in person or video chat), one hour final session, and your choice of 30 minute or 60 minute sessions in between. Includes email summary after initial session. Optional audio recording for initial session. 

4 hours total: $700 (save $20)


8 hours total: $1300 (save $140)


12 hours total: $1800 (save $360)

*Due to COVID-19 ALL coaching sessions are currently held over Zoom. 
Is coaching right for you? Read this NY Times article.
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At-home School Support

Do you have school-aged children learning at home? Distance learning? Remote learning? Homeschooling? No matter what you call it we've got tools to make learning from home succeed for YOUR unique family. 
30 days of personal support!

“I feel so much lighter after our time together. Thank you for your humor, empathy and very wise counsel. Seriously, you are some sort of Parent Whisperer.” 


Divorce & Separation

Through the divorce or separation process, all parties want their children to be as least affected as possible. Sproutable can help smooth this process,  by coaching parents through long-term goals and how to strengthen their relationship with their children to ensure resiliency. We believe that all kids have the potential to be remarkable human beings. All parents, regardless of their own upbringing or marital status, have the potential to be remarkable parents. We believe in everyone’s potential.

Schedule your 15 minute free consultation today.


Sproutable offers parenting tools based on Positive Discipline (Adlerian Psychology), social neuroscience and child development - science-backed and parent-tested.


We offer coaching, classes and online tools to help parents:


  • Create consistent routines across homes

  • Navigate through the different parenting styles in two homes

  • Teach healthy coping skills to their children

  • Give specific language for how to talk to their children about big emotions

  • Find solutions for smoother transitions when going back and forth between homes

  • Implement family meetings


 We also offer Positive Discipline courses that are both in person (court ordered approved) and online.


Coaching sessions are with Julietta Skoog, NCSP, MA​.

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