Interview with Dr. Jane Nelsen

Positive Discipline TV is designed to highlight the voices, wisdom and diversity of Positive Discipline parent educators, directly to the parents we serve.

Our very first guest is none other than Dr. Jane Nelsen, herself, author of Positive Discipline.

In this episode you will hear:

What encouragement, connection and firmness looks like in parenting kids of ALL ages

How Positive Discipline was “born”

What continues to surprise Dr. Nelsen about Positive Discipline

Positive Discipline tools you can use right away for any challenging behavior

About Dr. Nelsen’s “before PD” kids and “after PD” kids

This show is created in partnership between Positive Discipline and Sproutable.

Two Lists

Tool cards

Tool card app

Tool cards for kids

Family meetings

Children: The Challenge by Rudolf Dreikurs, Vicki Soltz

Parenting Classes

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