By Jade Folk


Summer Sleep Tips for Infants and Toddlers

Summer is here in the northern hemisphere! Which can mean sleep takes a back seat. Longer days, increased outdoor activities, and fluctuating temperatures can disrupt established sleep patterns. However, with a bit of planning and some practical tips, you can ensure that your little ones continue to enjoy restful nights during this warm and sunny season. 

Here are some summer sleep tips for infants and toddlers:

Establish a sleep-conducive environment by maintaining a comfortable room temperature, dimming the lights, and reducing noise. Consider using blackout curtains to block out the extended daylight hours and create a soothing atmosphere for naps and bedtime.

With the sun setting later in the summer, consider adjusting your child’s bedtime routine to match the natural light conditions. Begin the routine slightly later to ease the transition into sleep, maintaining familiar rituals such as a warm bath, reading a bedtime story, or gentle lullabies.

Exposure to natural light during the day is crucial for regulating sleep-wake cycles, but excessive sunlight before bedtime can interfere with sleep onset. Encourage outdoor play and activities in the morning or early afternoon, and use sun protection like hats and sunscreen to shield your child from the harsh rays.

Choose lightweight, breathable sleepwear to keep your child cool during warmer nights. Dress them in layers, so you can easily adjust if the temperature fluctuates. Ensure the sleep environment is well-ventilated and use a fan if necessary to promote air circulation.

Dehydration can disrupt sleep, so make sure your child stays well-hydrated throughout the day. Offer water regularly, especially during outdoor play, but be mindful of excessive fluid intake close to bedtime to avoid nighttime disruptions.

Despite the allure of extended daylight and a more relaxed summer schedule, strive to maintain a consistent sleep schedule for your child. Consistency is key in reinforcing their circadian rhythm and ensuring a smoother transition between seasons.

Keep an eye on the temperature in your child’s sleeping environment. Ensure it’s not too hot or too cold, and adjust bedding accordingly. Dress your child in appropriate sleepwear to maintain a comfortable temperature for quality sleep.

Embrace the flexibility of summer by incorporating outdoor naps into your routine. A shady spot in the garden or a stroller ride can provide a peaceful and refreshing nap environment for your little one.

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Jade Folk is a certified Pediatric Sleep Coach, with a background in attachment theory, youth empowerment, Positive Discipline and early childhood education. Jade has 10+ years of experience working with kids as a nanny, preschool teacher, and now parent and sleep coach. Jade has a passion for empowering families to understand the science of sleep, learning their children's natural sleep cycles and patterns, and finding solutions tailored specifically for the unique and individual needs for each family she works with. Positive Discipline is at the core of Jade work as a pediatric sleep coach.


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