0-5 Mini Summit: Development

Episode 1

You all know that I love me some Julietta Skoog! She is a dear friend and a WEALTH of information. Julietta is the Early Years Lead here at Sproutable.

Julietta led the Seattle Public Schools Childfind Preschool Assessment Screening Team from 2007-2014. She is currently the school counselor at Queen Anne Elementary. She is the proud mother of two daughters ages 7 and 4. She understands the parenting challenges, as well as the importance of early intervention and child development.

Julietta has a Master’s Degree in School Counseling and Ed.S Degree in School Psychology from Seattle University. As a Certified Positive Discipline Trainer, she teaches Positive Discipline parenting classes and provides Positive Discipline trainings for teachers and parent educators.

Yup.  She’s amazing.

This summit is part 1 of 3.

Community is everything!

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Takeaways from the show

Part 1: Development

Listen in to Part 1 of the summit as we break down Eric Erickson’s model of psycho-social development and what WE as parents can do to ensure that our children are developing trust, autonomy, initiative and industry during their early years.


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