Living Joyful Courage

Are you ready to navigate the challenging terrain
of parenting teenagers with confidence and joy?


Welcome to Living Joyful Courage, a membership program designed specifically
for moms like you who are seeking support, guidance, and a vibrant community
as you journey through the teenage years.

You’re invited

If you believe relationship matters.

If you believe in boundaries WITH love.

If you believe in tools that support your heart and your children.


Then this membership is for you.


The teen years are tough.

No doubt.

And not only on our kids.


The teen years are really challenging on moms. We are moving through the final season of having our kids at home. Our babes that couldn’t get enough of us for so many years, that have (seemingly overnight) grown into young people with their own thoughts and opinions, and NO time for us.

There is grief and worry that come along with this season of mothering. Often we are left feeling alone, like we are the only ones having a hard time. Feeling deep belonging to a community of like-minded mamas seems hard to come by… The Living Joyful Courage membership IS that community.

The Living Joyful Courage community gets the intensity and whiplash of raising teens, from navigating mental health crises to substance use and school refusal. And we embrace that there is hope on the other side.

Walk with us on this transformative path.

We made this space for you

You get it all

6 week parenting course

All members will be invited to move through a 6 week parenting class to get the basics down and give us a foundation for growing together through the year – for some members this will be their first time through this class, for others it will be a refresher. Partners of members are welcome to join in the class as well.

Group coaching

Twice monthly group calls are designed to offer members space to bring their current challenge and get direct coaching that they can take and integrate into their lives immediately. Our group calls are rich with connection, learning and growth. 

Access and learn from a treasure trove of content that centers on Positive Discipline techniques and building strong, meaningful relationships with your teens. Gain practical strategies and insights that will help you foster healthy communication, set boundaries, and navigate conflicts.

It is where we get real about what we are going through and support each other in feeling seen and heard.

1:1 coaching

Receive personalized guidance through one-on-one coaching sessions with Casey. Get the specific feedback and support you need to navigate the unique dynamics of your family.

LJC Members ALSO get access to a 12 month coaching package at 50% off the typical rate for coaching.

Community forum

Members can connect with each other 24/7 through an online forum space. We share, ask for support, share celebrations there. Connect with like-minded moms who are navigating similar challenges. Share stories, exchange advice, and find solace in knowing that you’re not alone. Members can also private message each other and forge relationships in this space.


Members will be invited to spend a chunk of time together twice over the course of the year through a virtual retreat. Guest speakers are invited in to provide meaningful, encouraging soul/self care to the mamas.

Book club

Twice over the course of the year we will dig into books for continuing our journey of personal growth. When possible

Resource bank

While a member of Living Joyful Courage, mamas will have access to all past online summits, as well as an ever growing bank of content rich videos inspired by the needs of the community.

Discounts and first dibs

As an active member, you will be afforded 25% off all Joyful Courage offers – including one-on-one coaching calls, in-person retreats, and workshops. Members will also get early bird access to registrations for new events.

We are all wired to connect and know we matter

How will this change my life?

Knowing we matter is at the heart of Positive Discipline, yes, but it isn’t ONLY true for our kids. Joining Living Joyful Courage will give YOU the opportunity to be seen and deeply listened to, and to know WITHOUT A DOUBT that you matter. You will nurture a confidence in not only your parenting, but in all the domains of your life.


Right now you are feeling the tension of this season of parenting, or you wouldn’t be here, checking this out.


Something feels out of alignment…


Maybe you are struggling with maintaining relationship with your teen.


Maybe you are navigating feelings of isolation or loneliness as your teens find a life outside of the family.


Maybe you aren’t sure how to find the “kindness and firmness” that seemed much easier to embody when they were younger and taking seemingly smaller risks?


The membership will support you in coming back to who you know you are as a parent.

But don’t wait too long – time is limited, and the teenage years are a pivotal time in your child’s development. Take action now to create a more joyful and connected family dynamic.

Meet your coach

Casey O’Roarty, M.Ed Adolescent Lead

I am Casey O’Roarty, and I am honored to be your guide in the Living Joyful Courage membership space. I am the mother of two adolescents myself – a 20 year old daughter and a 17 year old son, and I am walking right beside you on this wild path.

I am a Positive Discipline Lead Trainer, a parent coach and host of the Joyful Courage podcast. I am not afraid to keep it real and dig into the hard stuff.

Here is what others are saying about me as a leader:

“Casey’s insights, warmth, and relatability make me feel like I have a friend and mentor guiding me through the ups and downs of raising teenagers. I’ve implemented her strategies and have seen incredible shifts in our family dynamics. Thank you, Casey, for sharing your wisdom and helping me find my own joyful courage!” – SarahMamaBear


“Casey is a lifeline for parents, offering practical advice and heartfelt encouragement. Her authenticity and vulnerability create a safe space where I feel seen and understood.” – ParentingJourney2022


“Casey is a parenting guru! Her insights into positive discipline and building strong relationships with our teens are invaluable. I appreciate her empathetic and relatable approach, making me feel like I’m not alone in this journey.” – GratefulMomofTwo


“I can’t say enough good things about Casey. I’ve implemented her strategies and have seen significant improvements in my relationship with my teenager. Casey has become my go-to resource for navigating the challenges of parenting during the teenage years. Thank you, Casey, for sharing your wisdom and supporting parents like me!” – InspiredMama


“Casey’s ability to address complex topics with compassion and clarity is remarkable. I’ve learned so much from her and have found the courage to try new parenting approaches. Thank you, Casey, for creating such a valuable resource!” – ParentingWithHeart

Change your life

join our membership community

Membership is currently closed.

Don’t worry it will open again in 2024. Sign up for the waitlist to get first dibs and discounts. There’s no obligation to join. Email us and we will add you: [email protected]

Frequently asked questions

Who is this membership a good fit for?

This membership is for anyone who identifies as a mom, with middle school aged kids through the teen years. This membership is for mamas who yes, are committed to positive parenting, but even more importantly, mamas that desire a space for their own personal growth.

This membership is good for mamas who long for the connection and support of a like minded community.

The current membership community includes mamas with kid just entering the teen years, as well as mamas with kids moving into young adulthood. Some of the challenges in the group included school refusal, eating disorders, anxiety and depression, screen time drama, chores and contributions, and maintaining connection. We are all facing challenges that are real for us, and this is a space that can support you in being with those challenges.


What is the underlying philosophy of this membership?

Living Joyful Courage has at its core, the values of Joyful Courage: personal growth, powerful relationship, and influential tools for designing the life you want.

This is a space from moms, and we will be talking about parenting our tweens and teens. The tools and strategies that will be shared align with the PD pillars of mutual respect, belonging and significance, trusting the process, and having the courage to be imperfect.

This is not a space that embraces punishing or rewarding behavior, instead, mamas will be encouraged to be curious about their child’s behavior in a way that leads then to a clearer picture of the problem, looking through the lens of finding long term solutions.

More than anything else this membership is designed to help mamas recognize how they are influencing their current challenges, and invites a deeper practice of being more intentional with their own behavior, so as to influence the overall energy of their lives.


What is the time commitment?

You design your adventure here – you are welcome to use the membership however feels good to you. The more you dive in, the greater the impact the work will have on your family. But remember, everything is optional.

    • Group coaching calls are 2 hours, 2x/month
    • Members are encouraged to make it to both monthly calls, AND life happens, so if one call a month fits better for you, that is a-ok! We are here to support you however that works FOR you.
    • The community forum is open 24/7 and can be used as it suits you.
    • Virtual retreats will run 3 hours


When will the live calls take place?

Coaching calls will take place monthly the second and fourth Wednesday of the month, 5-7 pm PDT/8-10 pm EDT.

Beginning January 2024, one call a month will be taking place from 9-11am PST, while the other will stay at 5-7pm PST.


Will the live calls be recorded?

Yes! All of the coaching calls will be recorded and archived, creating a bank of resources to come back to when members are looking for support around a specific topic.


What if I want to cancel my membership?

The expectation when you sign up is that you are committing to be a part of the membership for a full year. Life is unpredictable, and this community is designed to walk with you through the ebbs AND the flows.


Will this work for me?

Let’s reframe this question to “will this membership be useful for the dynamic I am currently experiencing?”

The short answer is yes. Mamas who join this membership, participate in the live sessions, use and practice the coaching and resources, will be able to make a significant impact on how they are experiencing the challenges they are facing with their family and in their life.

The long answer is also yes. AND, this may be a starting point for you. AND, the magic of this membership exists in how you implement what you learn and your willingness to try again and again and again.


Who is this program NOT a good fit for?

This program is not designed for mamas who are in the season of parenting babies, toddlers or preschoolers. This membership is also not designed for parents of school ages kids.

This membership is for parents of middle school kids and older – 11+ years old.

This program is not for moms who are unwilling to look at their own contribution to the struggles and discouragement they are finding themselves in.

This program is not for moms who are attached to laying down the law, issuing punishments, using rewards/bribes, or holding a belief that tweens/teens should be obedient towards adults, no questions asked.

Other questions? Email Casey at [email protected].

Change your life

join our membership community

Membership is currently closed.

Don’t worry it will open again in 2024. Sign up for the waitlist to get first dibs and discounts. There’s no obligation to join. Email us and we will add you: [email protected]