Becoming Sproutable Eps 5: Focusing on Solutions

Episode 5

Welcome to the BECOMING SPROUTABLE limited podcast series, where your hosts, Julietta Skoog and Casey O’Roarty, parent coaches and Positive Discipline Trainers take you through the biggest tools and concepts of parenting with positive discipline – no matter your kids age.

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Takeaways from the show
  • Family meeting process
  • The struggle with chores
  • Kids learn skills through experiences
  • Considering what is developmentally appropriate
  • Remembering growth is not linear
  • Mutual respect with your kid
  • Getting clear on what solutions are
  • Giving kids language to convey their feelings
  • Criteria of solutions
  • Assumptions about consequences
  • Looking for patterns of behavior
  • Being solution minded
  • Get curious about communication


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