Eps 230: Bracha Kopstick On Raising Kids to Have a Good Relationship with Food

Episode 230

Today’s guest is Bracha Kopstick . She is a registered dietician specializing in adolescent nutrition. She helps parents feel calm and confident with raising adolescence to have a positive relationship with food and their body. There’s a lot of contradictory information about feeding kids but she clarifies and educates parents so that they can raise adolescents with a positive food relationship without the shame and guilt. Join us!

“Kids are starting to gain weight in their journey to adulthood. And not only is it not something to be afraid of, but this is necessary weight gain. And I really wish that parents would recognize that this is something that is so necessary and can accept that weight as not something negative, but as something that’s part of just growing and development.”

“Nourishing ourselves with food that is enjoyable and tastes good is something I think is really important.”

“Kids really thrive on predictability and knowing when they can expect to have food.”

“Food is so much more than just nutrition. It’s about relationship.”

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Takeaways from the show

  • Where kids encounter diet culture
  • Weight gain as part of puberty
  • How the concerns of parents can amplify the insecurities of their growing teens
  • What a balanced meal looks like
  • Nourishment and food as more than fuel
  • Balancing structure and freedom in guiding food choices
  • Meal scheduling – why it’s important
  • How often your teen should be eating
  • How to approach snacking
  • Cooking with kids
  • How parental body image impacts kids
  • Breaking through your body image issues
  • Parents’ roles in helping kids find peace with their food

What does Joyful Courage mean to you?

It’s having that courage to move away from our past, moving away from the mainstream media and culture messages around food and our body and moving towards a more joyful connection with ourselves with our kids and with our bodies and food in general.


Resources: Recipes on her website

Where to find Bracha: Website | Instagram 

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