Episode 202: Natha Campanella on using astrology to support our parenting

Episode 202

Today’s guest is Natha Campanella.  She is a professional writer, a mother, a teacher, an astrologer and intuitive guide. Natha is also a certified master life coach and she uses a unique blend of modalities and her approach with an emphasis on traditional coaching and astrology. She often supplements with knowledge from the enneagram. We will be discussing  astrology. Join us!

“There’s something that is very objective about astrology and also very validating.”

“The beautiful thing about astrology it is that it is so similar to the way that we as humans just navigate the world.”

“Meeting them where they’re at is understanding who they are, and then working with them from that place.”

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Takeaways from the show

  • How natal charts are created and what they mean
  • What archetypes are and what they do
  • How a chart is laid out and what each section symbolizes
  • Ways your sign can influence your approach to life
  • How you can use your astrological information to shape your choices
  • Astrological insights as additional, objective, non-judgmental information for self-exploration
  • Why charting your family can be helpful
  • Astrology as a means to meet your kids where they are at
  • How astrology can interface with or be complementary to positive or peaceful parenting
  • Using astrological information to navigate parenting challenges
  • Astrology and the iceberg metaphor
  • Resources for understanding astrology
  • Ways to work with Natha

What does Joyful Courage mean to you?

I think joyful courage means to me that, you know, even when stuff feels really hard, which it does a lot. Especially, I don’t know for the rest of you, but for me, that there’s always this sort of invitation to be courageous and keep moving forward and to really look for what is joyful within the context of what’s happening. And I always find really amazing things even when I’m, you know, having a dark night of the soul. It’s like “Oh, you know, look at how beautiful that bumblebee looks on that flower right now” and so you know, it’s like always just seeking out, always knowing that there is something beautiful happening and that can bring joy.



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