Ending Entitlement with Amy McCready

Episode 10

August 11th Amy’s latest book cam out, The Me Me Me Epoidemic: A Step by Step Guide to Raising Capable, Grateful Kids in an Over Entitled World

Amy McCready is a Parent Education MACHINE!  She has an amazingly popular Facebook community, and offers so many

Inspired by the work of Alfred Adler…

“The biggest difference comes when we change ourselves.”

Certified in Positive Discipline

Shout out to the recovering yellers!!

“…I love working with parenting and helping them bring out the best in themselves.”

Adlerian theory- strategies are based on respect, respect for the child and respect for the parent…  All human being have a hardwired need for belonging and significance.  We need to feel connected – to family, classroom, community.  I need to make a difference, feel like I matter…

Behavior is goal directed – always take it back to the child’s sense of belonging and/or significance..  Getting to the bottom of this is what lasts long term.  Get below the surface!

Connection without Entitlement??

It’s messy….

 The book begins with Mind, Body, Soul Time…  Spending one on one time and attention with your kids, where you are fully present, mind, body and soul.  You are fully present. Can be 10 or 15 minutes – this contributes “buckets” to belonging and significance to our kids.  Powerful opportunity for connection.

Create an environment that allows kids to learn that their actions and choices have outcomes – some positive,  some negative.  Entitled kids aren’t connected to outcomes.

Focus on – What went wrong?  What can we do different next time?

Natural Vs Logical Consequences…

“Solutions are always consequences, consequences are not always solutions.”
–       Jody McVittie

 They’re not helpless!! Take a step back – what are you currently doing for your kids that they are perfectly capable about doing for themselves?

There is a balance between helping each other out and when you are consistently doing things for them that they could be doing themselves…  Back off, little by little.

Biggest mistake that is feeding into the entitlement epidemic? Smoothing their way — smoothing out all their potential obstacles to keep out kids from experiencing discomfort.  Does not give them the opportunity to develop resiliency.

What is a baby step for creating change for parents who recognize their have been contributing to the entitlement of their kids?  Shift responsibility for one or two things….

 Thank you Amy!!

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