Eps 104: Kristin Hovious is on talking about making amends and repairing relationships

Episode 104

Kristin Hovious is a committed teacher with over a decade of experience in vocational, adult education, serving Chicago’s Cortiva Institute as both Education Director (2007-2008) and Adjunct Faculty Member (2006-2017.)  Her training as a massage therapist and yoga teacher provides a foundation and love for anatomy and science of human development.

As a Positive Discipline Certified Trainer, Kristin, combines a career of teaching and serving with her passion for creating mutually respectful environments for families, children, classrooms and schools. In her collaboration with teachers, administrations and families, Kristin’s goal is to help facilitate opportunities for adults and students to become compassionate leaders, with the hope that doing so will help build more peaceful communities. Kristin has served on the Positive Discipline Association Board of Directors as a Consultant since 2016.

“I don’t think repairing relationships comes naturally or easy to us. It is practice.”

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Takeaways from the show

  • Kristin’s journey into Positive Discipline (PD)
  • How PD grew in the Hovious’ Home and the challenges that came with learning a new way
  • How teaching anatomy in her career paved the way for curiosity in neuroscience
  • Understanding how emotions and behaviors influence connection
  • Discussion on ‘kind and firm’ rephrasing as ‘connection and accountability’ and why
  • Why shifting society’s idea of mistakes and punishments lacks ability to repair
  • Understanding mistakes as opportunities to learn
  • How repairing is a practice and it has the power to transform our relationships
  • Mistakes lead to repairing opportunities
  • Kristin walks us through four steps in healthy repair
  • Relatable examples from Kristin’s own life help us empathize and feel supported in our own challenges
  • Modeling is key
  • Sticking to our agendas is a way we move away from connection
  • When we repair relationships we have the power to heal connections
  • Diving into our parenting pain so we can make amends
  • Discomfort is a place to get curious, not a place to get stuck

What does Joyful Courage mean to you?

What joyful courage means to me is that there is a consistent opportunity to practice repair.  That is always worth it – it’s so important in the whole trajectory in our lives together as human beings.  If we can be joyful in repair then maybe we can also turn the corner and be joyful about mistakes.


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