Rachel Macy Stafford and living the Hands Free Life

Episode 11

“I am an ordinary person living in the same distracted culture that everyone else is living in…” 

And that is exactly what is so inspiring about Rachel Macy Stafford.

She is an ordinary person whose work is making an extraordinary impact on parents from around the world.

Most of us found her through her blog, www.handsfreemama.com – her writing drew us in and touched our soul.  We also joined her Hands Free Revolution on Facebook, to be even more connected to her and the community space she has created.

Because there is something really special about this ordinary person. 

I am thrilled to be interviewing her on the Joyful Courage Parenting Podcast. Honored that she was willing to take the time to talk to me and share her journey, her vulnerability and her wisdom.

Her new book, Hands Free Life: 9 habits for overcoming distraction, living better & loving more is full of nuggets that will bring you to your knees.

So, so good.  Listen in…

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