Eps 111: Fear, Belonging, Self Acceptance…. It’s all here.

Today is a solo show – thank you for tuning in this week!  Sit back and take in the thoughts and ideas that are currently showing up for me and in our community.

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Todays Content


  • Together Live event with Glennon Doyle and friends

  • Belonging and significance as an underlying principle of PD

  • Humans are great perceivers, not great interpreters

  • Growing relationship while guiding them to learn from mistakes is what Positive Parenting is all about

  • Shopping cart analogy

  • My child is going to learn what they need through mistakes and experiences

  • Our conditioning gets in our way when we choose to parent this way

  • Fear shows up – controlling and rigid, what is the right thing to do?

  • The space between authoritarian and permissive styles

  • Brene Brown – check her out Braving the Wilderness

  • True belonging is something inside of us, requires trust

  • Conscious parenting requires us to trust our children, their foundation and relationship

  • Our declaration of using PD can make others uncomfortable

  • My vision is to have confident, capable kids who can navigate the world with kindness and assertive – interruptions to the ugly in the world

  • You have to be who you are

  • So easy as the parent to get up in their (our children’s) grill

  • Children get to DESIGN themselves

  • Taking a look at our own modeling, self acceptance, recognizing fear

  • My children can only hear their soul’s voice is to release my fear and trust

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