NO YELLING! with Andy Smithson

Episode 12

I am really excited to have Andy Smithson, of TRU Parenting, back on the podcast!  He was my very first guest and a parent educator that I have been following for a while now.  

There are a lot of things I like about Andy, I think it is so refreshing to have a Dad’s voice speaking into the parenting experience.  His blog posts and articles are always so helpful and full of tips and tools that can be put into action right away.  He has lots of kids so I KNOW he is in the practice of walking his talk, and that always scores a lot of points with me…

Today we are talking about yelling.  Ugh.  Yelling is the worst – it makes our kids feel bad and it leaves US feeling bad and so unskilled.  Andy has an ecourse that is starting the beginning of October…  I have so much faith in this program that I am an affiliate of the program (meaning: I get a kickback when you sign up through me).

So listen up and soak in the zen vibes of Andy Smithson.

Here are some links to the resources mentioned on the show:

Boundaries by Henry Cloud

Andys Quick Calm Technique – FREE DOWNLOAD

The Whole Brain Child by Dr. Dan Siegel

Super Better by Jane McGonigal 

21 Day Stop Yelling Coaching Course – Sign up now!

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