Eps 124: Conscious Communication with Lori Petro

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My guest today is Lori Petro.  Lori is passionate about conscious parenting and was a guest on Episode 62. She is an advocate for children and families, a parent educator, mama and founder of Teach Through Love.


  • Lori’s journey began as being a misunderstood kid… Followed by HAVING a child and wanting to provide her with something different than what she experienced

  • Lori is a creator/artist at heart wanting to created compassion and understanding in our communication with each other

  • Inspired to create a better world for her kid and everyone else to live in

  • Conscious communication cards

    • Conscious communication – supporting parents in taking their understanding of conscious parenting into the language and way of being they bring to their relationships

    • Staying present and leaving the blame, shame, judgment and guilt behind

  • Communication includes messages we deliver with what we SAY, as well as what we DON’T say, our tone, our body language – we are always sending messages

  • Parents do TO the children to get them to be what we want them to be…. It’s about allowing our kids HAVE THE EXPERIENCE and learning from there

  • SEEING our children in their emotion/experience

  • They are there to provoke us in our own self awareness

  • Listening to understand…. Lean in to understanding our children’s experience and what it is like to BE them… (Lori shares lip gloss story) Otherwise we miss the fullness of what is their life (Casey shares crop top story)

  • Not about saying the perfect right thing, it’s about continuing the conversation with our kids around the places where we want a deeper understanding

    • Tell me more about that…

    • It’s bigger than the make-up and the crop top

    • Opens up conversation

  • Conversations to understand vs conversation that are ultimately begun to convince our kids that we are right and they are wrong

  • 20:40 Aware of when our agenda of fear is clouding their experience of growing into their own maturity

  • Conscious parenting is not one long negotiation

    • Being firm is a piece of it

    • Be ok when kids don’t like the boundary

  • Conscious communication cards

    • Came from ideas that Lori posted on line every week

    • Developed into a model for her parenting program

    • Stress/skills/support

      • Am I looking to help my child regulate? (stress)

      • Am I trying to help my child build and emerging skill? (skills)

      • Am I trying to mend/repair relationship? (support)

    • Divided into two section

      • Behaviors/words to avoid

      • Examples of what to say/directions to go in

    • Target cards

      • What you can look for to find the root cause of behavior

      • 5 steps for peaceful resolution

    • Parents use the cards in many different ways

      • Post them in their world

      • Sit with them at the end of the day and review them


      • Daily

      • Progress not perfection (even for Lori)

    • Our brains never stop developing and we can always learn new skills

      • We still have not great parenting moments but we OWN IT

    • Lori shares about her personal practices

      • Finding work/life balance

      • Meditation

      • DAILY mindfulness

What does Joyful Courage mean to you?

Not doing things that my heart doesn’t want to do – to not do anything because I was guilted into it, then I am not doing it because I want to , but because I feel less of myself. And I am trying to move out of any victim thinking, or less than thinking…  Up our self worth as parents then offer that to our kids.

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