Eps 127: A solo show about WHY our job is to hold space for our kids and HOW to do it

Episode 127

This is a solo show.

Today I talk about holding space for having a 15 YEAR OLD!!  WHOA!! It’s intense. What does this container look like? What does it mean to be present, available and confident.

Thank you so much for listening today – super DUPER appreciate all you moms and dads out there doing the work of making the world a better place through showing up well for your children!!

I will be back next week with Liz Blackwell-Moore talking about teens and drugs – GAH!!!  I know – it’s scary, but listen anyways because she is brilliant and the conversation is helpful!!

Big love!!

Community is everything!

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Takeaways from the show

  • How to “hold the container”
  • Present, available, confident – even as our kids are making mistakes
  • I got you – I am unconditional
  • Our response matters
  • Who we be comes before what we do
  • What to do becomes more clear when we practice being in the moment, vs in our emo/fear
  • Our kids make mistakes


Kids do better when they feel better. – Jane Nelsen

Kids want to succeed, they don’t always know how. – Ross Greene

A Misbehaving child is a discouraged child. – Rudolf Dreikurs

Humans are always moving towards a sense of belonging and significance, am I connected? Do I matter? – from Aderian Theory

The most powerful tool you have for influencing behavior is the relationship that you nurture with your child. Choosing into the work of Joyful Courage, which really means being willing to grow and practice awareness, being present to your child and your experience, and hold space for your kids, no matter how they are showing up, THIS will nurture and preserve relationship.


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