Eps 129: Solo Show – Using the Iceberg Metaphor to Understand Behavior


Solo show today – from the car….  Thank you for having grace for my audio quality this week!! Feeling inspired to share with you on my way to yoga class.

All about the Iceberg Metaphor

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  • Shout out to all the parents of teens out there who are showing up and sharing and willing to be vulnerable

  • Connecting seeing an iceberg as a metaphor for children’s behavior

  • Unwanted behavior is the “tip” of the iceberg

    • The behavior that we see

  • Under the surface –

    • What’s opening the door to the behavior?

      • Perception of connection

      • Perception of influence

      • Perception of mattering

      • Trauma/adversity

        • Kids are ALWAYS making meaning with their underdeveloped brain – and forming beliefs from that place

      • Lacking skills for navigating the challenges/emotions that show up

    • Moving from a place of strengthening relationship as a way to understand what is below the surface, to help us influence the behavior at the tip

    • Episode 104 on Making Amends

    • Always be moving towards nurturing relationship

  • What are some of the things YOU do to look under the surface? Head over to Live and Love with Joyful Courage and share!


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