Katie Hurley on Parenting to Your Child’s Temperament

Episode 13

It was such a pleasure to have Katie Hurley on the show!  I have been sharing her work on the Joyful Courage Facebook page for a long time and speaking to her about her new book confirmed what I had come to believe as a reader of her writing; she is a thoughtful, brilliant voice in the parent education community.

Katie’s new book, The Happy Kid Handbook is an amazing tool for parents to learn how to meet their kids where they are at, temperamentally.  Her work reminds us that the need to get to know our kids is vital in creating an environment where they can excel, both socially and emotionally.

Being an extrovert raising kids that fall across the extrovert/introvert spectrum, I was excited to dig into this with Katie. I know that you are going to love listening in to the conversation too!!

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