Eps 137: A solo show to inspire you into ACTION to create the LIFE you want!!

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Gratitude to the community, specifically my one on one clients and the membership.

  • Themes

  • Collective experience

  • My own filter

  • Always in the learning, growing, developing

  • Humaning is simple, not easy

Knowing what we want, not taking action to get there

  • Identifying what we want

  • Reading/learning tools/strategies

  • Sitting on the outside of it

    • Procrastination

    • Self talk

    • Sneak messages

      • Fear/worthiness/perfectionism

Finding Nemo

Crush, from Finding Nemo

Crush, from Finding Nemo

  • Working so hard to get to his goal

  • Dealing with the monkey mind of dory (is there a metaphor here?)

  • Perseverance despite fear

  • Turtle

    • Come into the current, dude

      • Less effort

      • Less resistance

      • More results

      • Bigger possibilities

The Secret/ Law of Attraction / FLOW

  • What is this all about?

  • The Law of attraction is the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts people can bring positive or negative experiences into their life. The belief is based on the idea that people and their thoughts are both made from “pure energy”, and that through the process of “like energy attracting like energy” a person can improve their own health, wealth and personal relationships.

    • What you think about you bring about

      • Yes thought AND actively taking steps that move you in that direction


What the heck does this have to do with parenting?

  • Paying attention to the flow

    • What makes it easy to be easy going, even when things are challenging?

    • What do you notice about when your family is more easy going?

  • Under the surface/foundation

    • Routines

    • Common language

    • Needs are met

    • Connected

    • Belonging and significance

  • Have you defined where you want to flow to take you?

    • More of a way of being than a destination, unless you are setting specific goals

    • It is an ACTIVE process – we must be in action

    • FLOW state shows up because it all becomes easier the more we choose in

Choosing in

  • I say this a lot

  • Being a yes

  • Seizing the opportunities to “practice” the tools


If you want things to BE different then you need to BE different

  • Interrupting the patters

    • Discover what your patterns are

    • Pay attention/mindfulness

      • Ex – phone use

        • When do you use it

        • What do you notice about right before you pick it up?

        • Where do you use it

        • What routines can you play with that will interrupt your pattern

          • DECIDING to do something different/interrupting

          • Leaving it upstairs in the morning

        • Ex – getting mad at my teenager/taking her angst personally

          • When do you do it

          • What do you notice about right before you yell

          • Where are you typically when you yell

          • What routines can you play with that will interrupt your pattern

            • DECIDING to practice something different

            • Internal work of allowing HER to be responsible for her feelings and allowing ME to be responsible for mine

            • Creating a “one liner” that supports me in knowing/sharing where I am at

            • Taking care of myself

            • Offering my daughter opportunities to develop tools for taking care of herself – LIFE SKILL

          • Ex – being resentful that no one “helps”

            • When do you do it

            • What do you notice about right before resentment shows up

            • Where are you typically when you are feeling

            • What routines can you play with that will interrupt your pattern

              • DECIDING to practice something different

              • Creating routines around that particular time of the day

              • Getting face to face and asking for help

              • Smiling

              • Putting on music

              • Being an invitation instead of a nag

All starts with out DECISION to be different

  • The voices in our head

    • “talking to ourselves”

    • true self talking with ego

      • true self has our back – ego THINKS it has our back but is really about what is easy, safe and /or familiar

    • Simple, but maybe not easy

    • The quicker we decide to act on an idea, the more likely we will follow through

      • Getting out of bed

      • 5 second rule

      • Melanie Robbins (hopefully a guest)

        • Example:

          • Snooze button

          • Exercise

          • Making a smoothie

          • Finishing this outline

          • Putting down my phone

          • Staying off social media

Challenge for you today:

  • Be clear on the direction you WANT to be going, and WHY you want to go there

  • Notice your patterns that are getting in your way

  • Interrupt the patterns by doing something different

  • Repeat all day long

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