Eps 139: Solo Show About Authenticity, Choosing In and Being Awesome

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Today’s podcast was created in honor of the 159 parents who enrolled and engaged in the #joyfulcourage10.

Today we complete the program, and begin the practice of sustaining the magic and community that was created there, because of the people who showed up vulnerably, authentically, and courageously.

I love what I get to do.

Thank you to each of you that spent the last 10 days building relationship with me and each other. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!

Alright – today’s theme for the show is authenticity and transparency.

Parenting as a journey

  • Not a secret

  • No hidden agenda

  • About being in human relationship


  • Life skills are learned through modeling

  • Vulnerability and authenticity is learned through modeling

  • Kicking it up a notch is lifting up and OUT of the modeling and being transparent

Human relationships are messy.

Parenting is messy.

Life-iing is messy.

When we actively, intentionally, decide to SHIFT the way we parent, we set ourselves up to be exposed as flawed humans.


  • Hello vulnerability

  • Hello humility

  • Hello contrary to the “adults are always right”

 While the whole Positive Discipline/Positive Parenting approach is SIMPLE – I mean, choose relationship and trust that your  children will lean life skills – WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL???

Right, and then we are in life and it is a shit show.

  • Defeat

  • Self talk

  • Comparison-itis

  • Giving up

Be transparent! 

All that modeling???  It is an opportunity to lift up and out of your experience and help you kids see you connecting the dots (or your partner, or you parent, sibling, friend)

  • Share your journey

  • Ask for help

  • Let people know HOW you would like feedback

If you know with your WHOLE HEART that this makes sense to you, that you believe in this style of parenting, then also believe with your WHOLE HEART that you are capable, worthy and ENOUGH to pull this off.


  • Progress not perfection

  • Progress not perfection

  • Progress not perfection.

TRANSFORMATION IS NOT A FUTURE EVENT. IT IS A PRESENT ACTIVITY. – Jillian Michaels (thank you Jessie for setting e straight on this quote)

Transformation IS happening. Every time you choose into this work.

Do you all know what I mean by “choose in?”

  • When you hug and melt into it

  • When you breathe it out

  • When you connect

  • When you get curious

  • When you drop your shoulders

  • When you’re mindful

  • When you step away

  • When you try something new

  • When you interrupt your pattern

  • When you acknowledge your self talk, and replace it with an affirmation

  • When you drop the urgency

  • When you drop the rigidity

  • When you listen to your body

  • When you look for perspective

  • When you remember the iceberg

  • When you let go of what society, your parents, your neighbors, your inlaws think you SHOULD DO

  • When you let your heart lead

  • When you honor you



Be unapologetic.

And when it is hard, just own that – THIS MORNING IS FUCKING HARD! Maybe don’t scream it out loud, but acknowledge that it IS hard some days. And exhausting. And thankless.

AND, you GET TO choos in.


You are being CALLED TO THIS WORK, otherwise, why would you be doing it? Why would you be reading the books and article and listening to the podcast??? 

I see you. I know you are listening. I know you are trying. I know that your heart swells with love when you look at your sleeping child, and that your mind spins when that same child is awake  and impossibly inconsolable…..  I see you.

And you can do this.  You ARE doing this.

And I see you.

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  • Participants will grow their leadership through proactive and in the moment practices

  • Participants will uncover the deep wisdom that ALREADY exists inside of themselves and use it to show up and design their life

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Love each and every one of you so much!!!! 


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