Eps 149: Lindsay McCarthy Teaches Us How to Bring Miracle Mornings to our Families

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Today’s guest is Lindsay McCarthy, author of The Miracle Morning For Parents and Families.  Lindsay is a homeschooling mama with two children, a writer and the founder of GratefulParent.com. We are discussing how you can integrate The Miracle Morning For Parents and Families into your day. Join us!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

-How The Miracle Morning For Parents And Families came to be

-What the Miracle Morning includes


-How to involve your kids in your Miracle Morning

-The power of waking on your own terms

-How waking up early adds capacity for parents to expand their emotional resources

-The value of unstructured play and creating as a practice for kids

-Creativity, Health, Affirmations, Reading, Meditation and Service, and how they can help kids start their day off right

-Habit stacking as a way to build a Miracle Morning

-How a Miracle Morning can help you look at bedtime routine

-Building flexibility into your Miracle Morning

-Starting small with habit changes

-How to encourage older kids to participate

-Combining components of the Miracle Morning to save time

-Trying a Miracle Evening as an alternative               

What does Joyful Courage mean to you?

To me, courage it means being afraid but doing it anyways. Like, writing a book, for example. And then the joyful part of that is just allowing it to really fill you up and spread light to the world. Stepping into your own light and your own power and doing the things you’re afraid to do anyway.


The Miracle Morning For Parents and Families
The Miracle Morning for College Students
The Miracle Morning

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Facebook Group – Miracle Morning For Parents And Families


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