Eps 170: Exploring the Energy of Emotion with Sara Harvey Yao

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Today’s guest is Sara Harvey Yao. Sara is a leadership consultant who has developed more than 4,000 leaders across the globe. She specializes in helping leaders navigate pressure and stress by staying present in the moment. Sara is the author of two books, Get Present and Drop In. She’s the mother of two teen boys and can speak firsthand to how the power of presence can transform the parenting experience. We will be discussing. Join us!


“Naming feelings opens the doorways for the energy of emotion to metabolize.”

“When we’re in emotion, we’re in a different part of our brain than the language center so it’s often hard to articulate what we’re feeling.”

“Anger…is a signal fire. Something is going on here. It’s a sign your boundaries have been crossed.”


What you’ll hear in this episode:

-How naming emotions helps us process them

-Facilitating our movement through emotions in the parenting journey


-The power of acknowledging, even to ourselves, when we are struggling

-Feeling vs thinking

-Attitudes and beliefs about feelings that contribute to feeling “stuck”

-Helping our kids name and process feelings and the role of modeling

-Normalizing emotions for our kids

-Anger as a secondary emotion

-What’s really under anger

-Exploring our triggers and where our feelings are coming from

-Establishing a common language with your kids to discuss feelings

-How to support ourselves and our kids to regulate emotions

What does Joyful Courage mean to you?

The courage to try something new and if that’s new to, I’m going to try a new parenting technique, if that means I’m going to sit with a feeling instead of stuffing it, I’m actually going to say something instead of not saying something, any new behavior to me takes deep, deep, deep courage and when we take those leaps into courage, for me it always ends up being really joyful. There’s such an empowered, a sense of empowerment and it leads to new opportunities or new directions that I might not have known about if I hadn’t been courageous. So those two words fit so beautifully together, it’s just joyful courageousness when we try something new.


Get Present

Drop In

Dan Siegel, Flipping Your Lid

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