Eps 175: A candid conversation with my kids about screen time

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Snowy February in Washington state – wowzer!

Today I am talking about screens and technology

Exciting news- Lisa Damour, author of Untangled and new book Under Pressure: Confronting the epidemic of stress and anxiety in girls

  • Big deal

  • How I get guests

  • How many say no

My book has a launch date!!

iTunes Reviews!!!

  • From January, a five star review from @chrisnjess – “I found you through Birds and bees and kids and as your podcast began, it was as if you were speaking from my own mothering journey. I feel as if you are another angel in my continuing mothering journey. I found your podcast episode bery insightful, information, and affirming. I am tuning in!!

    • Thank you @chrisnjess!!!! And you all know how much I love Amy Lang from Birds and Bees and kids – did you know she started a podcast too? It’s called “Just say this” – Check it out on itunes or wherever you are listening to podcasts

  • The podcast also received a five star review earlier this month from @urfmama – “ Casey is like my long lost sister that I’ve never met. Like minded is an understatement. When I was feeling down with my mothering I searched “positive Discipline” in podcasts and eureka! Joyful Courage appeared like a bright star in the dark night. I eat this podcast up, I tell every parent I know about it. I find myself nodding while I listen as I do my housework. I feel like my hand is being held and I ‘m gently being led through this incredibly strategic yet unpredictable “chess game” of parenting. Do yourself a favor and soak in the wisdom that Joyful Courage so generously shares. Thank you, Casey, much love from the heartland.”

    • THANK YOU @URFMAMA – one day, one day our paths will cross.

  • YES! Thank you to everyone that is jumping into itunes to leave reviews – this helps with my visibility – meaning more people are likely to find me – and it also just FEELS SO GOOD to read and know that what I am doing over here in the guest room of my house MATTERS.

 Ok….  On to todays content.



  • It is coming up in the Joyful Courage Parents of Teens community, it is coming up in calls with clients, it is coming up in my own life and practice with my kids

  • FOR CERTAIN: it is a big pain in the ass

Today I am going to share and inquiry from my own experience – not because I know the way, or I have it all figured out, but because I am IN IT with you.

  • Remember last April when I had Dr. Delaney Runston on and we talked about her documentary, Screenagers? There are so many pearls of wisdom and research in my convo with her – be sure to listen or relisten – http://www.joyfulcourage.com/podcast/140

  • I also had a powerful conversation with one of my colleagues, a positive discipline Lead trainer, about this during the teen summit, which is available to invest in through the end of this month at joyfulcourage.com/teensummit

  • I spoke with Kim Muench about this back in episode 82 – Parenting in the Age of Smart phones…

  • Plus, it has come up in loads of other conversations


Here are some of the pain points I am hearing from the community AND experiencing myself:


  • Limits and boundaries

  • How much to monitor

  • Broken agreements

  • The arguing

  • The internet is forever

  • How will they develop real relationship skills when everything is over text/IM/Snaps

  • Online/SM bullying

  • Sexting/nudes

  • How much time is too much time to be on their phones

  • How to be the lone parents who waits to get their child a phone

  • How to support kids with friends when they don’t have SM/phones

  • Restricting what they do/see on their devices

  • Begin real and honest about our OWN (parents) phone use

  • Using devices as avoidance/escape

 Let’s check in with the kids:

  • How did you feel about making agreements about screens?

  • What is your experience with social media?

  • What do you not like about the phone and SM? What kinds of things do you see happening?

  • Where do you feel like it gets in the way of life? Or do you?

  • What do you like about it?

  • How do you feel about me when I am on your case about your phone use?

  • What do you see me modeling with my phone use?

  • You have some restrictions on your phone – is that helpful?


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