Eps 182: Finding Your Family’s Rhythm with Meagan Wilson


 My guest today is Meagan Wilson. Meagan is the founder of Whole Family Rhythms and living out her mission of helping other mothers, caregivers, and educators to create more clarity and balance within the home. Meagan’s website and seasonal Guides provide support, information, and resources on conscious parenting inspired by the earth, the seasons, and each family’s own unique values. Together, a community of over 25 thousand like-minded Mothers and educators gather each day on her Instagram feed to discuss parenting with love, connection and rhythm.



 “Connecting with your family values is this parenting partner exercise.”

“Visual cues, no matter what, they are always very helpful.”

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • What living with the rhythms of the earth and the seasons means

  • What it means to align your life with your values

  • How to document your family values in a meaningful way

  • Discussing your values as co-parents with extended family and caregivers

  • Routine vs rhythm, in-breath vs out-breath times and what it all means

  • Using visuals to create daily habits

  • What it means to be a loving authority

  • Being the author of the boundaries that you’re holding

  • Natural consequences – what they are

  • Connecting to something higher than yourself – not necessarily religion

What does Joyful Courage mean to you?

I cheated a little bit. I looked up the word joy because I told you I really like looking at words. It led me to rejoice, which really made sense to me because when I first read it and thought what’s joyful courage?  I thought, you know, it’s courage to live in that moment. You know, really ground yourself in the present moment. And even if there is suffering around, even if your child is upset and you’re holding a space for that, you know, you’re really in the moment. And I think that the word rejoice kind of fits in there because it’s this sense of gratitude. It’s gratitude for the present moment no matter what it’s bringing us. So it might not always be this like very happy joy, but it’s this sense of gratitude for the present moment and having the courage to try and connect with that as often as we can during the day.


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Where to find:

Whole Family Rhythms websiteJoyful Courage landing page





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Thank you to everyone that has been so encouraging on this journey!!!  I appreciate you and we are ALMOST THERE!!!!




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