Eps 186: Teasing apart Emotional Regulation with Anna Seewald


My guest today is Anna Seewald. Anna is a Parent Educator, Keynote Speaker, Author and Host of The Authentic Parenting Podcast. With background in psychology and education, having worked with children for 18 years, today she helps conscious moms and dads to become calm and connected to themselves and their children through trauma-informed education. She believes in helping children by helping parents. She has a private practice that specializes in parent education, where she provides one-on-one parent coaching, parenting, court ordered, and co-parenting classes.  www.authenticparenting.com 

 “Emotional regulation is the ability to regulate our own emotions and choose actions that are appropriate in that situation.”

“We can teach those skills to our children today so that they can have a better life.”

“In order to teach self-regulation or regulation skills to our children, first and foremost, we need to learn those same skills ourselves.”

“There is no misbehavior. There is only behavior.”

“There’s nothing wrong with your child. There’s nothing wrong with you. This is just simple biology.”

“Our compassion level has to match the intensity of the emotion that child is feeling.”

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • What is emotional regulation?

  • Gaining perspective on what it means when our child is emotionally dysregulated

  • Why toddlers struggle with emotional regulation

  • How emotional dysregulation of kids triggers parents

  • How stress contributes to emotional dysregulation in parents

  • How emotional regulation supports conflict resolution, jobs, relationships, academics

  • What is co-regulation?

  • How parents can stay regulated

  • The Four-Step Calm Formula

  • Coaching your child’s emotional regulation

  • The role of compassion in emotional regulation

  • Assessing the level of urgency in an emotionally dysregulated situation

  • Language and emotional dysregulation

  • Mindfulness and emotional dysregulation

  • Validating our children’s feelings in a way that matches the intensity of their distress

  • The impact of dysregulation on the verbal centers of the brain

  • Dealing with emotional dysregulation under time constraints

  • Post-dysregulation problem solving and how to nurture it

  • What to do when your child won’t talk about their feelings

  • The power of relationship in bringing emotional regulation

  • Tips for listeners who are looking to get better at helping their children grow their self-regulation skills or themselves

What does Joyful Courage mean to you?

When I hear these two words together, I sort of have this feeling of a child-like wonderous, courageous, right, children have this courage, they’re present and they know. They’re not diluted with all the societal stuff. So this pure courage that is also joyful, this child-like courage. That’s how I have a sense about those two words together.


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