Eps 188: Julie Neale Shares about Motherhood, Activism and the Power of Voice


Today’s guest is Mother’s Quest founder, Julie Neale. Julie honors both the meaning and the mess of life and parenthood and believes our children and youth challenge us to grow into our best selves. She is on a mission to live a truly epic life and through her example inspire her children to do the same her for purpose.


Her for-purpose venture Mother’s Quest provides inspiration, coaching, and community so that mothers and those who work with young people can connect to support and resources, fulfill their unique purpose and live their epic lives. After a 20 year career as a leader in youth-serving nonprofit organizations, Julie turned her focus to coaching training at the Coaches Training Institute and facilitating a process known as Reflection for youth development professionals. Through this and her parenting experience, she realized that mothers and those who mother need an opportunity to reflect on their own growth, dreams, and plans, and created Mother’s Quest to champion them with common care .


She masterfully taps into her own curiosity and intuition to help her clients slow down from the business of life and work, reflect on what matters, clarify a future vision and move into action. In the fall of 2017, she founded the Women Podcasters in Solidarity initiative to raise awareness and dollars for social justice issues through the power of podcasting. The first season focused on anti-racism and police accountability. We’re going to talk more about that initiative on today’s show. When she’s not wrestling with her kindergartner or driving her team to basketball practice, you can find her squeezing in 10 minutes of yoga and meditation, believing something is better than nothing and staying up way too late to watch a double hitter of Handmaid’s Tale and Super Soul Sunday. Join us!


“It’s the discomfort, I think, is when we know we’re really on to something.”

“It really starts with like one step, one conversation and everything flows from there if you stay committed to the process.”

“Just say, ‘I’m not going to forget that this matters.’”

“Perfection is really a tool of white supremacy.”

“Even if you start with just one conversation, one relationship that you build or that you extend yourself out to on a cause that matters to you, that is a really powerful place to start with incredible ripple effect possible.”


What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • The importance of the modeling of continuing to grow and evolve as a human when that’s the expectation we have of young people

  • The value of holding a growth mindset around conversations about race

  • Resources to learn about having conversations about race with our kids

  • What is the Women Podcasters In Solidarity Initiative

  • Giving our boys permission to cry and have emotion

  • The power of conversation to create change

  • Lessons learned from social justice activism

  • How ego gets in the way of relationships

  • Moving from transactional relationships to authentic connection


What does Joyful Courage mean to you?


Well, do you know Sage Hobbs? She’s another amazing woman podcaster. She has a podcast called Naked Conversations and she interviewed me and we talk about some of these issues as well. She started with, “what does it mean to be brave or what is courage?” and I think at the time I remembered saying “It’s like, you know, standing, I don’t know if it was standing but standing for what matters to you. And you might have fear but moving through it anyways from a place of love.”

And what I’m appreciating about this question about joyful courage is, taking action and standing for the things that matter, even if you might be feeling afraid and you do it anyway from a place of love. Along the way you also find joy. There have been so many moments where I’ve been cheering, you know, I’m thinking about some women in my community who have been sharing the posts about the Circle of Mother’s campaign. And every time I see one more mother reach out to her community, one at a time, donations of $20 or $30, I am filled with joy. There is a joyfulness about, you know, seeing again, the seeds of what you’ve been planting growing in the ways that you hoped.



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