Eps 189: Part Two of Using the Law of Attraction on the Parenting Journey

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Hey everybody!!!!  So happy to be back with you for another solo show – SO MUCH HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!!!


When I work with clients, I always start the hour with a grounding meditation, because I think we should ALL be dropping into the present moment more often, and then I ask, “What are you celebrating?”


I love this question because it reminds my clients that there is always something to celebrate, something to look at as a gift. I know that sometimes if feels like a stretch, but when we challenge ourselves to find some gratitude, it shifts the energy, and opens up more possibilities.


I am going to start this show with my own celebrations:


First, I am celebrating all of the LOVE that the community has showered me with throughout this book launch – you people are AMAZING – thank you for the reviews you have written, the SM shout outs, the sweet comments you are sending my way. I do this work for all of us and I am so honored when you let me know that it makes a difference in your life!


Another celebration is that I am getting the opportunity to practice NOT TAKING THINGS PERSONALLY with my kids lately. Like, a lot. Wrapping up the school year, the upcoming move, and a few other life experiences have upped the level of stress at our house, and the kids are navigating it the best they can. I experience them being irritated, withdrawn, annoyed, not wanting to talk to me, like, AT ALL…..  Often this type of behavior is very easy to translate into, “why are you TREATING ME LIKE THIS??” or, “It hurts y feelings when you shut me out” which is actually what I said out loud…. 


And guess what? They are doing the best they can with the tools they have. They are navigating their life right now and the behavior is simply an INDICATOR that they are in it.


It’s not about me. It’s not about me. It’s not about me….


Back to the celebration, I am in the fire of this! I am in the fire of this and THIS is my opportunity to walk my talk. THIS is when it matters that I CHOOSE to tell the story of “it’s not about me” – the goal is to NOT be in a co-dependent relationship with our children, right? So here it is. That chance to separate myself from my child’s experience/behavior and generate the emotions that I WANT to be feeling, regardless of what is happening for her.


Fiercely committed, yes, lovingly detached, always a work in progress.


One final celebration (I could go on, so much yumminess happening right now) is a new iTunes review from my friend, colleague and JCA Parenting Teens participant, Katie Lowery – Katie wrote:

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 11.32.37 AM.png

  Thank you Katie!!  So honored to serve you!!


Ok, are you ready for me to get on with it???


I want to do a follow up show to episode 187. To remind you, that was the show where I got super excited about the Law of Attraction, and specifically about the opportunity to tell a different story and generate a different experience.


I got a lot of curiosity about that show. And I love that, because I just find the who concept of the LOA so fascinating. What I enthusiastically shared about was how we can shift our interpretations of our current situation, and invite in something new and different.


Let me say, which I hope I said in Eps 187 – I am not a mental health expert, NOR am I a LOA expert. I am a gal who is super excited about my own experience with LOA and see that there is some overlap with the parenting journey.


First of all – let’s start with validating that life can be incredible challenging. Most, if not all of us have navigated hardship – this may be financial hardship, painful relationships, mental/physical health issues, painful loss. Some of us are experiencing these things right now. I want to acknowledge you. You may be in the hardest season of life right now. You may be hurting and really unable to see a future that could be any different than the one you are experiencing….


This is a really hard place to be. The last thing you want to hear is “just change your story and everything will be better” – it feels dismissive, as though the big things you are going through are trivial.


I get that.


AND, I am still standing for you. REGARDLESS of what is currently alive for you – and many of you share with me what you are navigating, you 100% have the power to shift the way you are experiencing it, what you believe about it.


And yes, rocks are hard and waters wet. The bills have to be paid. Your children need you. Your teenager is angry.  You aren’t getting work. Your relationship sucks.

So here is my question to you – what do you want?

What do you want?

What do you want most?

Is what you want possible? Meaning, “I want to win the lottery” ok, what will that get you – financial freedom, ok….. so what you want is “financial freedom”- what might happen if you spend some time each day believing that things are in motion to bring financial freedom to you? Are you willing to try? What about creating a gratitude practice right now that includes the things that you currently have that you are grateful for – can you imagine the energy you woud be creating if this was a part of your daily experience? Might you spend more time in the mindset of things are ok? Of I have what I need? And might that shift your trajectory towards more opportunities and experiences? And if it doesn’t, how would it change your life to be in gratitude for what is right now?


“I want my kids needs to go away” or “I want my teenager to lose the anger” again, ok, what will that ultimately get you, a feeling of acceptance, ease, and connection? So maybe the request is  “I want to feel acceptance, ease and connection” – and again, what might happen if you spent time each day FEELING those things? GENERATING acceptance, ease and connection for yourself, instead of needing it to come from the outside? What happens when we release our children from the job of making US feel a certain way? Might we show up better for them? Without this expectation and need form them to BE a certain way for us to experience good feelings? AND, you show up differently, so will they – we KNOW this! How many times have you had the experience of looking back at the end of the day and doing a face palm over all the times you made situations worse??  I know I am not alone.


Rocks are hard, water is wet – there are things we can’t change, that we can’t manifest away, but there is ALWAYS choice in how we show up to those things, and in that choice, we can be in the creation of something new. In the way we choose to talk about it, according to LOA, we are sending out signals and messages and vibrations that are being responded to in kind by the universe. http://www.thelawofattraction.com/use-law-attraction-combat-depression/


Again, I am not a mental health professional if you have something like depression going on, please seek the advice of a doctor. That being said, how can it hurt anyone to support them in changing the way they see/experience/talk about their life?


And also, again, there is NO BLAME HAPPENING HERE! None. Take what you want from what I shared and leave the rest behind. If you are resistant to what I shared, challenge yourself there. I do thing this is for everyone, available to everyone, and if you feel like this isn’t for you, I simply invite you to dig in there and do some exploring – and ask yourself, “but what if it was?”


You get to design your life, peeps!!  And isn’t that so exciting???



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Thank you to everyone that has been so encouraging on this journey!!!  I appreciate you!!!!


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