Eps 192: Talking About Sensory Sensitive Kids with Shelley Francis

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Today’s guest is Shelley Francis. Shelly is an audiologist specializing in auditory processing disorder, and has been working with children for over 25 years. Over the years she has noticed a trend where more and more children are being seen as extra sensitive, not only with their physical senses but with their inner senses as well. By using her own sensitivities, she looks past a child’s diagnosis and connects with their heart.

Today Shelly remains motivated by both her passion to help children and her unique perspective in childhood development, which she has described in her book, No Child Left Unwrapped:  Understanding and Honoring the Gifts Every Child is Born With. It’s her hope that her book and her teachings will help create the needed paradigm shifts within our education system and within our society that will better support our beautiful sensory sensitive children of today. Join us!

“Often we pigeonhole these children thinking that they need to be a certain way to be successful and then they can’t be successful because that’s not their nature. ”

“There’s so much more information out there to receive than just information through our five senses.”

“Everybody needs to know that they’re awesome.”

“These children then just feel like there’s, there’s so much wrong with them, but they’re never really getting what’s right with them, what’s good with them, what’s awesome about them.”

“Often the problem we see is a solution to a problem that we don’t know about”

“We are always looking at the external for the answer. What if the answer is someplace else?”

“Nobody can deny the fact that we need more people that are empathic or empathetic and compassionate. And that’s what we’re getting.”

“Let’s help our kids when they’re young or as early as possible so they don’t have to go through as much of these challenges that we’ve had to go through, that other sensitive people have had to go through in the past.”

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“Entangled trauma for a sensitive soul is a recipe for disaster.”

What you’ll hear in this episode:

·       The difference between differences and disorder

·       The need to recognize and honor differences

·       Sensory differences – what are they and how do you recognize them?

·       Sensory information, behavior and how they intersect

·       The challenges of living heart wide open for kids who haven’t learned how to release the energy of others

·       Baby steps for supporting sensitive kids

·       The role of meditation as a tool

·       Resilience: what it means and how we develop it

·       Trauma, sensitivity and visualization to create filters for energy

What does Joyful Courage mean to you?

Well it’s, it’s definitely, you know, joy and courage are two of the beautiful inner gifts that live in our heart. And it’s funny you asked that because I, before the interview I actually was was thinking to myself that, you know, I was a little nervous about this. This is all new to me. Putting out a book was new to me, you know, I was very comfortable sitting in my office and having people come to me for so many years and now I’m going out into the world in a different way of being seen and heard and it can cause a little bit of anxiety and you know, nervous about it. But what I thought about was that, you know, tap into my own gifts of the heart and realize that joy and courage help me to get through being nervous about coming out and being seen and heard. So joy and courage are beautiful gifts of the heart that we can develop in our children that can help them navigate this world.



No Child Left Unwrapped:  Understanding and Honoring the Gifts Every Child is Born With

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