Eps 200: SOLO SHOW Navigating my open, honest relationship with my teens

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Today is a SOLO SHOW!

First, how about a community celebration for the 200TH EPISODE of the Joyful Courage Podcast!!!  WOOP WOOP!! It is so exciting to reach this milestone with you all…  Along with the fact that the podcast has been downloaded over 550,000 times!! I am so deeply grateful and honored that I get to show up for you each week and that what I create is useful to you….

In honor of the 200th show, I actually have a BRAND NEW SOLO SHOW to share this week. I got some pretty powerful feedback from my teen daughter about my parenting style and the messages she is getting through how I show up and talk to her.

Granted, we are navigating some new territory, and have recently been in some tricky discussions. And at the end of the day, I don’t always know what the right thing to do is…  You out there with teens may know what I mean, the conversation may sound like this:

Teenager: “But, why can’t I ___?”

Parent (racking brain for the perfect , logical answer):  “I’m not sure, mostly ___ just feels like it should be a hard no….”

And then you are left feeling like maybe you are holding on to old beliefs, or perhaps it is what other people will think that is getting in the way, or maybe you are having one of those “can you just not tell me and get a little sneaky” moments (yes, these thoughts exist for me too).

While we all want open, honest relationships with our kids – the open honesty brings with it a BUNCH of challenges that catch you off guard. 

And honestly, I don’t always know the right answer, it’s not always neat and tidy over here, AND, it turns out, sometimes my daughter feels like a a giving permission, when really, I am just unsure of what to say do. 

You guys. It is so messy.

And this is what I am sharing on the podcast this week. I hope you love it. 


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I have organized some of the many powerful messages from the interviews and complied them around the themes that are important to get us started.

Those themes include:

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  • Strategies for maintaining and nurturing your relationship

  • Settling in when it gets messy

  • Doing our work to get out of their way

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Thank you to everyone that has been so encouraging on this journey!!!  I appreciate you!!!!


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