Eps 219: Being a Shameless Mom with Sara Dean

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I am so excited to welcome Sara Dean to the Joyful Courage Podcast. Sara is the creator and host of the Shameless Mom Academy Podcast, a top rated podcast with over 2 million downloads. Her biggest passion is helping women own their space.  After enduring a long infertility journey, and then a full blown identity crises following the birth of her son, Sara took her background in psychology/health/ wellness and rebuilt her identity – one step at a time. Today, Sara motivates and inspires women to stop shrinking and start growing in every aspect of their lives.  She is on a mission to inspire women and moms, in particular, to live bigger, bolder, braver #everydamnday.

“I realized over time that I wanted to be having conversations about helping women take up space, rather than always trying to shrink in the space they existed in.”

“Perfect is paralyzing.”

“If you’re in perfectionism, there’s no momentum.”

“We need to give ourselves permission to feel in big ways and to be vulnerable with those feelings.”

“It’s okay to cry, but suffering in silence is the most surefire way to destroy yourself.”

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • The role of mindset 

  • Outcome versus process goals 

  • Moms and worthiness

  • Why perfect sucks

  • Perfectionism, procrastination and high achieving women

  • How perfectionism robs you of momentum

  • Doing B- work

  • The role of routine and structure

  • Creating mental freedom

  • Giving ourselves permission to feel

  • Intuition and finding the lessons in the chaos

  • Learning to sit in discomfort

  • Finding gratitude in hard moments and hard phases

  • The universality of challenges and trauma 

  • Why women suffer in silence

What does Joyful Courage mean to you?

So for me, joyful courage means finding joy in being uncomfortable. So I think about courage around, like, embracing discomfort and intentionally doing uncomfortable things. That, for me, is how I frame courage for myself. And last year, I made myself pickup skiing even though I’m terrified of heights and chairlifts, and speed and I think that chair lifts are like death traps. But I made myself take up skiing because we wanted my son to ski. And so I learned how to ski. And it took a ton of courage, pretty much didn’t want to do it at all, ever, every time I went up to the mountain, but I also got up there every week and was like, “Oh my gosh, look how beautiful it is up here.” There were so many rewards from it. And I also had not pushed my body, as someone who’s been in fitness for many years, I hadn’t pushed my body in a new physical endeavor in a really long time. And I forgot how rewarding that was to find strength in something physical, something new that was physical. And so there was just all of these rewards that came out of it that I did not expect that had nothing to do with like, actually skiing down the mountain that became kind of like “Oh, cool. And I also get to ski down the mountain on top of all these other things.” So yeah, so I would say, finding the rewards in discomfort and then seeking that and then moving forward seeking more discomfort, which I’m, like, stubbornly seeking discomfort.


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