Eps 243: Solo show about The Social Dilemma, and the general dilemmas of life right now


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Today is a solo show!

Thanks to the patrons who showed up with me for the recording 🙂

Takeaways from the show:

  • Thoughts about the Social Dilemma movie

  • How big social media platforms are using the users

  • Our attention is the product online

  • Conversation starters around screen use

  • Creating an environment where checking in is a normal thing

  • What to expect from the screens and teens summit

  • The mixed feelings around social media

  • Juggling the things life throws at us

  • How do we make room to fall apart

  • Crying releases stress

  • The trauma of the pandemic

  • Having compassion for your teens

  • All problems are relative, no matter how “small”

  • Giving yourself space to grieve and release energy

  • Taking time to care for yourself

  • In order to change your experience, you have to recognize what’s happening

  • The normality of struggle right now

  • Recognize when you’re wallowing 

  • Being in the practice of moving forward

See you next week!


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