Eps 246: Bellamy Shoffner On Being a Single Mom and A Revolutionary Human


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Bellamy Shoffner is a single parent, writer, and equity advocate specializing in fostering thoughtful connection and conversation among communities. Shoffner’s Revolutionary Humans produces a magazine, retreats, and free community events. All for parents and educators committed to social justice.

This past summer the Joyful Courage community raised $800 in support of Bellamy and her work – I am so honored for the chance to connect with her here on the podcast.

Takeaways from the show:


  • Social justice

  • Passive reading vs. retaining the information

  • Hold the Line magazine

  • Teaching our kids to be accepting of each other’s differences

  • Creating a world where kids can are out of harm’s way based on any part of their identity

  • Acceptance vs tolerance

  • Challenges of being a single parent 

  • How outside help isn’t always appreciated

  • Teasing apart tokenization

  • Putting in the work to understand social justice

  • Key things parents can do to fold racial awareness into parenting their kids

  • Taking people as they are and see what happens

  • Having relationship with vulnerability

  • Dealing with people who have opposing views 

Find Bellamy:

Website | Instagram

What does joyful courage mean to you? 

Oh, wow. On a personal level I think it means the will to take every day as a fresh chance to have a good day and to be joyful and to not live too much in the past and to just appreciate and have gratitude for what is happening now. Every day takes courage sort of naturally and so to find the joy in that is pretty powerful. On a professional level, I think just believing that something can get better and that things will improve and that in 40 days, we’ll be able to celebrate. Yeah, just hope I think this is my priority there.


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