Eps 248: Maureen Muldoon on Raising a Transgender Child


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I am so excited to welcome my guest, Maureen Muldoon.

Maureen is a a spiritual Pied Piper, shameless storyteller and speaker who is transforming the way people think of church, sex, spirituality, and creativity. Actress, author, activist, she celebrates the miracles that live beneath the mundane and is devoted to helping others to CREATE their most engaged and unapologetic life. Today we are going to talk about her experience of mothering a transgender son.


Takeaways from the show:

  • Raising a transgender child

  • Coping with society’s opinions 

  • A parent’s role in understanding 

  • How acceptance changes your child

  • Kids wanting to be acknowledged for how they seem themselves

  • Self expression

  • Sitting with the suicide rate as a mom of a transgender son

  • Finding a greater peace of mind

  • Letting go of deciding what identifiers you bring forth in your children

  • Becoming aware of the ways you tell your narrative 

  • Things parents without transgender kids don’t understand

  • Being gentle to parents who don’t understand so they can be gentle to your child out in the world

  • Keeping an open mind and an open space to listen to your child

  • How you can be more supportive of families with transgender kids

See you next week! 🙂

Find Maureen:

Website | SpeakEasy Community

What does joyful courage mean to you?

Joyful courage means innocence, where everyone’s innocent. No one’s guilty. Everyone’s allowed to take up as much space as possible. 



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