Eps 254: Real Talk with a 15 Year Old


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My guest today is Ian O’Roarty.

Ian is my youngest child, he turned 15 October 30th, and is a freshman in high school. He is the baby in the house, and taller than us all. He is passionate about basketball, loves his friends, and has melted my mama heart since day one. I say that Ian is my “positive discipline” kid because he was the one who was always game to create a routine, or role play a situation, he was willing.

I’d say that Ian and I are very close, I will let him share his experience during the interview… He has always been really open with me, and it doesn’t seem like that is really anything that we haven’t talked about… He loves family time, when we are all together, and is super stoked to have his drivers permit.

I am honored that he is willing to come share candidly with all of you on the podcast.

Takeaways from the show:


  • Coping with covid

  • Challenges in the last year

  • Being a close relationship with your parents

  • Having a sibling who is going through mental health issues

  • Messaging on swearing in our house

  • Reading agreements

  • Screen time

  • Thoughts from a teen about watching the Social Dilemma

  • Video games and limits

  • Managing screen time with online school

  • What it means to Ian to “be a man”

  • Toxic masculinity

  • Goals for the future

  • Advice to parents raising sons

What does Joyful Courage mean to you:

When I hear Joyful Courage I think about you and your company. I think it’s cool you help people. It’s good you’re giving parents tools to mend their children. 

See you next week 🙂 


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