Eps 259: Solo Show- Exploring “Is This Positive Discipline?”


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Today’s podcast is a solo show!

Takeaways from the show:


  • Teen Counseling

  • The 5 Criteria of Positive Discipline

  • Questions to ask yourself to see if the response your giving in a situation meets the criteria for Positive Discipline

  • Come into it expecting your kids to follow through

  • Your kids behavior lets you know what kind of experience they’re having

  • Invite your kids into more expression of what’s going on for them

  • Most of our mischief comes from the perception that we don’t feel like we matter

  • Everyone has their own unique lenses they see out of

  • Whatever we do, we want our kids to feel more connected, seen, and like they matter

  • Trust the process

  • Our kids learn through experience over time

  • Celebrate mistakes, focus on solutions

  • Model your own self-regulation

  • Help your children discover how capable they are

  • Recognize this isn’t a formula or a gimmick

  • Healthy human beings are expressive

Resources mentioned:

Jane Nelsen Positive Discipline Website

See you next week!! 🙂


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