Eps 267: Solo Show- Dissecting Beliefs Behind Behavior Part 3: Revenge


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Today’s episode is a solo show!

Takeaways from the show:


  • Beliefs about belonging and significance

  • Overview of mistaken goals

  • Third mistaken goal: Revenge

  • Tune into your experience as a parent

  • Signs your child’s mistaken goal is revenge

  • How adults contribute to our child’s belief of not belonging

  • The coded message behind revenge

  • Uncertainty of the world right now playing a part in our kid’s lives

  • Revenge isn’t lashing out, it’s passing on the hurt

  • Tools to support you and your child in their mistaken goals

  • Your job as parents to make your kids feel like they belong

  • Let your child know you see them

Mistaken Goal Chart.png

Eps 263 | Eps 265 | Mistaken Goal Chart

See you next week!! 🙂


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