Eps 275: Solo Show- How Does Firmness Show Up For You?


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This week’s episode is a SOLO show!!

Takeaways from the show:


  • Authoritative vs authoritarian parenting

  • Connection and firmness coexisting

  • Connecting to yourself

  • Bring firm does not equal being mean

  • Where authoritarian parenting can show up

  • Authority with your kids vs over them

  • Connection requires self regulation

See you next week!! 🙂



I took the feedback of all the parents who went through in March and have added a week and tweaked the content a bit to make it an EVER MORE transformational learning experience!!


Parenting for the Season You’re in (or “the seasons course” as I like to call it) is a five week class for parents of middle and high school aged kids. It is a space for learning the PD tools that support connection and firmness, as well as a gentle look at the ways we may be getting in the way of our adolescents’ growth and development.

We will connect around the collective experience of raising teens, learn about teen brain development, consider our parenting style, embodying connected firmness, and learn encouragement tools that will sustain us in the years ahead.

After going through the program in March, one parent shared:

I have been struggling with consequences for my teens – what should they be and why aren’t they working! We have been locked in a power struggle with my younger teen and I found myself trying to force him to do what I want – control instead of collaboration. This program helped me pivot away from consequences and reframe situations with a view on solutions, and really thinking harder about what part of the work or choice is really mine and which is his..

And another parent offered:

I loved how it consistently (the course) helped me to see another way and learn how to be and remember to be in relationship with my teen and not simply trying to fix or control the challenging behaviors.

This is deep learning, my friends, check it out at www.joyfulcourage.com/seasons to get more info and claim your spot!



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