Eps 283: Parenting Through Chronic Illness with Liza Blas


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My guest today is Liza Blas.

Lisa is the host of the Very Happy Stories podcast. She brings hope, empowerment, and inspiration to her audience by shining light on complex topics impacting many families today. Liza’s stories are inspired by her own experiences raising two kids, both suffering from conditions like depression, anxiety, ADHD, OCD and even Lyme disease. 

Liza shares her best practices through her Very Happy Stories podcast, speaking engagements and personal coaching, where she serves as a Thrive Guide to parents who are struggling. 

Before launching her podcast, Liza was a successful commercial real estate broker specializing in the development of medical facilities, surgical centers and build-to-suit properties. 

Takeaways from the show:


  • Liza’s family story of Lyme disease

  • Struggles of your kids get you where you need to be

  • Being in difficult times with peace and acceptance

  • Speaking to acceptance

  • Ways to use gratitude

  • Forgiveness

  • Self care as a non-negotiable

Where to find Liza:

Website | FaceBook | Podcast

What does joyful courage mean to you?

I love that term. For me it’s how do you want to live your life? In love or fear? I love the two words together because it gives you the permission to be joyful and loving and add some fun into the fearful moments of life. Joyful courage to me is how I want to live. That’s what I want to model for my kids.

See you next week!! 🙂


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