Eps 293: New School Parenting with DJ Johnson

Episode 293

This week’s guest is DJ Johnson. DeAntwann “DJ” Johnson is a husband, father, author, mentor, coach, counselor, and sports statistician. He grew up in the Indiana foster care system and yet despite that, has gone on to lead a successful, and fulfilling life. Before spending nine years in the foster care system, DJ suffered child abuse, domestic abuse, and emotional trauma. At one point, he wanted to end his life, but he realized that he was on this earth for a purpose.

DJ fulfills that purpose by using his experiences not only to help establish relationships with the students he serves, but he helps parents better connect with their teenagers.

DJ specializes in helping parents bridge the communication gap between them and their child to ensure that their child has room to be the best versions of themselves.


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Takeaways from the show

  • DJ’s story
  • Adverse childhood experience
  • Using your experience to help others
  • Old school parenting way going out the window
  • Getting the hang of the new school parenting
  • Balancing being kind and firm
  • Different parenting styles fit different children
  • Foundation of respect and dignity with your kids
  • Conditioning coming to the surface
  • Let teens learn through experiences
  • Repairing relationships



What does Joyful Courage mean to you?

When I think about courage, I think about when you’re initially jumping into courage and there’s fear behind it or it’s a serious thing. When we add joy to it i think it’s the excitement of doing something that’s mostly going to end up in a good result.

So Joyful Courage to me is “I am happily jumping out and taking a leap to something I think is ultimately going to benefit me and my family.”

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