Eps 304: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with Dr. Diana Hill

Episode 304

My guest today is Dr. Diana Hill. She is a clinical psychologist and co-author of ACT Daily Journal: Get unstuck and live fully with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

She is a co-host of the popular podcast, Psychologists Off the Clock and offers regular teachings in compassion and ACT through InsightLA and Mindful Heart Programs.

Through her online teachings, executive coaching, clinical supervision, and private therapy practice, Diana encourages clients to build psychological flexibility so that they can live more meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Diana practices what she preaches in her daily life as a mom of two, homesteader, and yoga teacher..

See you next week!! 🙂

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Takeaways from the show

  • Psychological flexibility
  • Acceptance and commitment therapy
  • Getting hooked away from our values
  • The 6 core processes
  • Practices for being in the present
  • Being in curiosity with things your kids are interested in
  • Helping to build your kid’s values
  • Opening up and allowing discomfort
  • Acceptance does not have to equal agreement
  • Cognitive defusion
  • Committed action
  • Identifying your deep core values
  • The 3 parts of compassion

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